I received your book and it is a delight. It's so meticulous. Thank you for this memento ... Madeleine Stowe

Guide book STILL Available -Downloads Only! 





Popular Books on Colonial America!

  The Horseman

Sweeping, new novel from a frequent participant on our Mohican WWWboard, Vita, our TowneCrier, and friend! A trans-continental romantic adventure! Congratulations Vita!
This book, for a limited time, will be available through Mohican Press at a special discount. E-Mail us for details!

Other Films By Director Extraordinaire, Michael Mann!

Newest Mann movie, partially based on real-life events, The Insider tells the sordid saga of corruption in the tobacco industry. Great performance by Russell Crowe. Told in true Mann-fashion!

Al Pacino! ... Robert DeNiro! ... Val Kilmer! ... plus, Wes Studi? This film is classic Mann!

Projections: A Forum For Film Makers - The first in a series of publications on film making, this 1992 edition by John Boorman & Walter Donahue includes a fascinating interview with Director Michael Mann ... specifically on his wonderful creation, "The Last Of The Mohicans."

Pocket Essentials volume dealing with the works of Director, Producer, Writer, Michael Mann!

Gold StarOther Superb Soundtracks From The Composers! Gold Star

Randy Edelman ... Trevor Jones ... Together they brought us one of the movie industry's best soundtracks, The Last of the Mohicans. Hear what else they've done ... Gettysburg just might be Edelman's BEST!

Mohican musician, and 2002 Great Mohican Gathering Special Guest, Bill Miller. Wonderful blend of folk, rock, and Native music!

Gold StarAn Assortment of Fine Fiction Gold Star

Into The Wilderness ... 1998 hardcover edition. This is the second novel by Sara Donati. "Into the Wilderness", an historical fiction based upon James Fenimore Cooper's LOTM, revisits 18th century New York through Donati's creation, Hawkeye's son Nathaniel, and an educated Englishwoman, Elizabeth Middleton. According to the author, Elizabeth is inspired by the Bennett sisters of Jane Austen's "Pride & Prejudice." Elizabeth Middleton travels from England to upstate New York in 1792 to become schoolmistress for the local children. Upon her arrival at her father's NY property, she discovers his motive for bringing her to America was not to teach, but to find her a husband. His choice? ... the respected physician Richard Todd. Elizabeth has no intention to marry at all, let alone marry Dr. Todd, yet she finds herself attracted to backwoodsman Nathaniel Bonner, son of Dan'l "Hawkeye" Bonner. Nathaniel's connection to the Mohicans is strong; he considers Hawkeye's adoptive father, Chingachgook, his own grandfather, and his own deceased wife was a Mahican woman. How can Elizabeth and Nathaniel survive together in a world that demands that each know their place ... and live within its confinements?

The Light in the Forest (hard bound) - Light Forest Hardcover edition. Written by Conrad Richter. A frontier boy is captured and adopted by the Delaware . Developing a love for and strong bond with his new family, at the age of 15, True Son receives the disheartening news that he must return to the white world... a world he has come to fear and hate. A touching story of divided loyalties and painful conflicts.

The Light in the Forest (soft cover) - A paperback edition.

The Light in the Forest (audio cassette) - Hear True Son's tale!

Return of the Sun: Native American Tales from the Northeast Woodlands - An illustrated paperback collection of Woodland Indian tales compiled by Joseph Bruchac.

The Boy Who Lived With the Bears: And Other Iroquois Stories - Another collection by Joseph Bruchac. An illustrated book of traditional Iroquois tales of animals learning important lessons. An Iroquoian Aesop's Fables!

Drums Along the Mohawk - Hard cover edition. Written by Walter D. Edmunds, this classic looks at war in New York's Mohawk Valley.

Drums Along the Mohawk (Soft Cover) - Paperback edition of Edmund's classic.

Drums Along the Mohawk (Video) - Yes, this is the one! A 1988 VHS Video edition of the popular film starring Henry Fonda.

  Child Life In Colonial Days (Hard Cover) - First published in 1899, this book written by Alice Morse Earle offers a look at life in a colonial boarding school. One can imagine what life at Reverend Wheelock's school might have been like while reading Earle's account.

Child Life In Colonial Days - Paperback edition of Earle's account of colonial boarding school experiences.

hearts blood

Two mystery novels written by Margaret Lawrence set in post Revolutionary War Maine. The heroine is Hannah Turner, a strong unconventional woman, wife of a loyalist who has fled to Canada, who endures suspicion, accusations, and ridicule in a hostile environment. When tragedy strikes, it is Hannah who proves to be insightful and clear-headed. The debut novel Hearts and Bones introduces Hannah in a tale of war, love, abandonment, and murder. The sequel Blood Red Roses continues Hannah's woes as her 8 year old deaf-mute daughter is to be placed in indentured servitude. Things get worse when a woman and her 3 children are murdered and Hannah is the suspect. Both novels offer an 18th century woman's point of view without condemnation.

Hannah Fowler - Written by Janice Holt-Giles. The first of a series of books by Giles on the Fowlers' life in Can-tuc-kee! A frontier woman's life, hardships, and perspectives.

Cold Mt.

Cold Mountain - Hard cover edition. A debut novel by Charles Frazier, "Cold Mountain" is the tale of a wounded confederate soldier and his long journey home. In the sunset of the Civil War, a soldier lies in a hospital bed longing for his home in the mountains of North Carolina. Determined to go back home again, he decides to undertake the long walk to his mountain home. This novel is the story of one man's odyssey; the tribulations and wonders, ... his mountains and his love. It is a story whose scope is beyond the colonial period, but we've included it as its location is the beautiful western North Carolina mountains. Many of the places in "Cold Mountain" are familiar to LOTM fans. Frazier writes with rich detail this novel that was inspired by his own family history. This book is receiving endless praises. Frazier's language and style is beautiful.

Cold Mountain (Soft Cover) - A paperback edition of Charles Frazier's novel.

Cold Mountain (Audio) -Audio cassette

Star Flight - 1993 Hard cover edition. By Phyllis A. Whitney. LOTM fans take note! This novel takes place in Mohican country! A highly acclaimed mystery, "Star Flight" is the story of a young widow (Lauren) and her visit to western North Carolina near the site of her husband's accidental death. Questions resurface, however, when she discovers that her grandmother drowned years earlier at the same spot as her husband.... Lake Lure. Lauren's discovery is frighteningly complicated when she finds herself on the unexpected trail of not one, but two mysteries! Whitney's engaging novel is enhanced by her vivid descriptions of western North Carolina's beauty. Much of the story revolves around a movie set, and there are numerous references to LOTM!.

Star Flight (Soft Cover) - 1994 paperback edition.

The Matchlock Gun - Hard cover illustrated edition. Children's literature. Written by the author of "Drums Along the Mohawk". It is 1756; the French and Indian War rages across New York's frontiers. Ten year old Edward has been handed the responsibility of protecting his family during the absence of his father who has gone to fight the war. Before his departure, the father gives his son an old Spanish gun. It is all the young boy has to defend the family home.......

The Matchlock Gun (Soft Cover) - Paperback, illustrated edition.

Gold Star For the Craftsman Gold Star Churn

Beadwork The Complete Guide to Traditional Native American Beadwork: A Definitive Study of Authentic Tools, Materials, Techniques... - A comprehensive reference work on beadwork by Joel Monture. Includes photographs, history, and interpretations of the traditional patterns, tools, and designs.

The Complete How - To Book of Indian Craft - By Ben Hunt. Includes hand drawn diagrams and easy-to-follow text.

Indian Handcrafts - A wide variety of crafts, both practical and decorative. Written by Keith Wilbur.

Traditional Crafts from Native North America - By Florence Temko. This book includes instructions for traditional American Indian crafts with illustrations and photographs.


Historic Community Series: Kitchen/ Home/ Gristmill/ A Village/ Tools and Gadgets/ Colonial Town/ Williamsburg/ Colonial Crafts - Written by Bobbie Kalman. A comprehensive collection of the many facets of daily colonial life.

Woodcarving: A Complete Course - A paperback edition by Ron Butterfield on a much loved craft.

Gold Star Guide Books To Scenic and Historic SitesGold Star

Adirondack Adirondack Odysseys: Exploring Museums and Historic Places - A guide book to historic places found in New York State's wilderness region. Museums, forts, parks, and more.

The Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountain: An Explorer's Guide - A 240 page paperback edition to New York's historic valley and mountain regions.

The Traveler's Guide to the Hudson River Valley: From Saratoga Springs to New York City - A paperback edition by Tim Mulligan; the "regional classic".

Let's Take the Kids! Great Places to Go With Children in New York's Hudson Valley... - A paperback guide book to 16 Hudson River Valley counties; includes the Catskill Mountains of Sleepy Hollow fame, the vast and wondrous Adirondacks, and the breathtakingly beautiful Lake George region.

Waterfalls Of The Blue Ridge - An attractive and informative guide book to approximately one hundred waterfalls in the Blue Ridge region. It includes entertaining vignettes on the various falls - with photos - regional history, and local legends. Descriptions and directions are concise and detailed. This book compliments On the Trail of the Last of the Mohicans very nicely!

America's Historic Places: An Illustrated Guide To Our Country's Past - A hardcover edition. Though the book covers more than the F & I War, it does include information on historic sites from the era and region. Listed are 500 historic places with over 350 photos.

Gold Star Gold Star COLONIAL & CONTEMPORARY COOKING Gold Star Gold Star

Hearth & Home; Pumpkins, Squash, & Apples. Not only do these fruits of the harvest symbolize the satisfaction & warmth of autumn's bounties, they are the foods of tradition; Morsels of Americana. Squash, along with beans & corn, was a mainstay crop of northeastern woodland Indians. Apples, introduced to North America by early settlers & planted in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, were as much a part of colonial life as, well ... apple pie! Tradition. Life. Bounty.

Cooking With Squash

The American Harvest Cookbook: Cooking With Squash, Zucchini, Pumpkin, & More ... A 1998 hardcover book by Rosemary Moon. Cook, eat, be happy!

Apple Orchard Cookbook ... A 1992 paperback cookbook filled with recipes for ... apples, apples, and more apples!

And lest we forget our Colonial Receipts... Colonial Cookery

The Williamsburg Cookbook: Traditional & Contemporary Recipes ... A hardcover compilation of historic Williamsburg recipes by Letha Booth. The synopsis; "Brunswick Stew, Bread Pudding, Peanut Soup, and Rum Cream Pie are among the 193 recipes collected here from Colonial Williamsburg's famed taverns and dining places. Lush color photography makes this popular cookbook a gift favorite, and all quantities and procedures have been updated for today's home kitchens."

  Plymouth Plantation New England Cookery Book - If you've been dying to learn how to make "Tench With A Pudding In Her Belly" or "Wampanoag Indian Samp & Fish" then this is for you. With three chapters devoted to 17th century cooking, Malabar Hornblower demonstrates through traditional receipts of the 1627 Plimoth Plantation & the neighboring Algonquian peoples that food was far from a bland, sustenance only affair. Cookery from the New England region of later eras is included as well.


  Early Native American Recipes & Remedies - by Diane R. Lund. Food & medicine; medicine & food. In the world of herbs & natural foods, they are the same.

  Enduring Harvest: Native American Foods & Festivals For Every Season - "... this bountiful collection offers a fascinating cuisine by seasonal rites and festivals. The imaginative blending of old and some newer ingredients gives a truly authentic Native American taste. Information on individual foods, such as cranberries, is supported by historical, healing, and nutritional information as well as recipes. A tireless researcher, food historian, and ethnologist, Kavisch brings warm reminiscences and real expertise on mushrooms, plants, wild edibles, and wildflowers, all of which enhance the recipes. Useful as a reference book on festivals, rites, and herbs and as an inspiring and useful cookbook." Written by E Barrie Kavisch.



Some Of Our OTHER Favorite Films ... Maybe They'll Be Yours, Too!
(All are DVD editions, unless otherwise noted!)

Ben Affleck, Josh Hartnett, Kate Beckinsale, Cuba Gooding Jr. 

� Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
� Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby, DTS Surround Sound
Journey to the Screen: The Making of Pearl Harbor
� History Channel show "Unsung Heroes"
� Faith Hill's music video "There You'll Be"
� DVD-ROM: Definitive biography
� Trailers
� Widescreen anamorphic format
� Number of discs: 2

In the style of Titanic, this epic film weaves a poignant love-story amidst the gut-wrenching chaos of the real-life Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941. The 40, or more, minute sequence of the actual attack is unforgettable ... one of the best ever filmed. Does the film end there? Not even close. See this one!

Russell Crowe, Joaquin Phoenix, Connie Neilson, Richard Harris, Oliver Reed, 

� Region 1 encoding (US and Canada only)
� Color, Closed-captioned, DTS Surround Sound, Widescreen, Dolby
� Commentary by director Ridley Scott
� Production notes
� Two-disc set
� "HBO First Look" Making Of
� The Learning Channel's "The Bloodsport of a Gladiator"
� 25 minutes of Deleted Scenes with director's commentary
Treasure Chest 7 minute montage of additional unused footage
� Interview with Hans Zimmer on scoring the film
� Two Behind-the-scenes featurettes
� One-Of-A-Kind production diary written by actor Spencer Treat Clark ("Lucius")
� Slide show featuring concept art and storyboards
� Photo galllery from Behind-the-scenes of Gladiator set
� Widescreen anamorphic format
� Number of discs: 2

This Riddley Scott directed, treasure-laden, production takes computer imagery to new heights ... all the ingredients are here, blended spectacularly, to create a new, classic masterpiece!

Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau, Patrick McGoohan

Wonderful score, brilliant action, moving story, beautiful cinematography ... and a ending that will bowl you over! This wide-screen, DVD edition features:

  • 2 Theatrical Trailers

  • The Making Of Braveheart

  • Commentary By Director Mel Gibson

Kevin Costner, Mary McDonnell, Wes Studi, Floyd Red Crow Westerman

A full hour added!

� DTS Stereo, Dolby
� Commentary By Director Kevin Costner and Jim Wilson
� Widescreen Anamorphic Format
� Number of discs: 2

Gut-wrenching, epic re-telling of life on the Great Plains for the Lakota of South Dakota in the 1800's through the eyes of an army officer. Great performance by Wes Studi in a preparatory role for Magua!

Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels, Martin Sheen

Commentary By Director/ Screenwriter Ronald F. Maxwell
� Theatrical Trailer(s)
� Behind-the-Scenes Documentary The Making of Gettysburg
� Cast/Crew Interview Gallery

Thrilling cinematic history of three key events of this massive three day battle ... McPherson's Ridge, Little Round Top, and Pickett's Charge!


Steven Lang, Jeff Daniels, Robert Duvall 

The prequel ... Bull Run, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville ... a true epic. On DVD!



Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Anjelica Huston, Robert Urich, Danny Glover, Diane Lane, Fredric Forrest, Rick Schroder ... an all-star cast gives an all-star performance!

  • Comprehensive Interview With Producer Suzanne de Passe

  • Theatrical Trailer

  • Cast & Crew Information

  • Interview With Lonesome Dove Author, Larry McMurtry

This is it! The best western ever made ... perhaps the greatest film! Everything is perfect .... the landscapes, the story, the action, the music, but most of all, the character interaction. No film can match the delightful interplay between the unique characters found in this 6-hour gem, especially that between Duvall & Jones. A film you won't soon forget! Bring your handkerchief!

Liam Neeson, Jessica Lange, Tim Roth, John Hurt, Eric Stoltz

  • 4-page Trivia & Notes Booklet

  • Theatrical Trailer

Legendary Scottish folk-hero, Rob Roy MacGregor, comes to life in this beautifully filmed, engaging ... if somewhat off-color, at times ... masterpiece set in the Highlands of Scotland. One of those most beautiful of all scores accompanies the action.

Anthony Hopkins, Brad Pitt, Claire Forlani 

  • Spotlight On Location

  • Theatrical Trailer

  • Film Highlights

  • Production Notes

  • Cast & Filmmaker Bios

Meet Joe Black???? What is THIS film doing here, you might ask? This romantic fantasy charms, does the heart good, and leaves you satisfied that all IS right in the world! Beautiful score, including a clever adaptation of Over The Rainbow, wrings every emotion from your soul!

Henry Cele, Robert Powell, Edward Fox

 3-Disk, boxed set, extravaganza ... This is a film of true EPIC proportions! It covers the entire life of Shaka, the greatest Zulu of them all ... his rise from a poor, unknown member of a small African tribe to the lofty heights he finally reached as ruler of a vast & powerful Zulu empire. Told from both the historical record of European chroniclers & the folklore & oral tradition of the Zulu people.

A masterpiece! Includes never-before-seen footage ...

Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet, Billy Zane, Kathy Bates

  • Widescreen Format

  • Theatrical Trailer

Another good historical re-telling of a real-life event, with a fictional romance in the forefront. Powerful images of this great ship, Titanic, on her maiden voyage, sinking to a slow death for 2000 terrified passengers. This film puts you on the deck ... and on the edge of your seat! Again, a wonderful soundtrack ties it all together.

Tom Hanks, Edward Burns, Matt Damon, Tom Sizemore

� Production notes
� Theatrical trailer(s)
� High-Quality Digital Telecine Transfer
� Director's Message
� Behind-The-Scenes Featurette

Through the eyes of a squad of American soldiers, the Normandy invasion is brought to life. From the beach & beyond, we experience the terror that was not only D-Day, but all war. Powerful stuff! Won 5 Academy Awards, and with good reason!


Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney, Jr., & Glenn Strange ... what more could you ask for? One of the zany duo's all-time best!

� Production notes
� Theatrical trailer(s)
� Making Of ...
� Audio Commentary
� Production Stills


Jack Hawkins, Michael Caine
Seeing this film on the big screen in 1964 caused me to fall in love with my first movie soundtrack ... since that time, a stirring score has been nearly a must in my favorite films! Wonderfully done, historical epic about a band of 100 British regulars guarding a river crossing near a mission station in 1879 South Africa. 4000 Zulu warriors surround and attack the mission. The results will astound you!


For shear historical accuracy, this 4-hour mini-series has few peers. Simultaneously told from the differing viewpoints of two women ... Libby Custer, the General's wife, and Kate Bighead, A Cheyenne observer ... this film covers the life & times of General George Armstrong Custer from his post-Civil War days through the disaster at  Little Bighorn. The re-enactment of the 7th Cavalry's journey from Fort Abraham Lincoln to the initial charge of Major Reno's battalion on the unsuspecting Sioux & Cheyenne village on the Little Bighorn river will make you a virtual eye-witness participant!
Stars Gary Cole, Rosanna Arquette, Rodney Grant, Floyd Red Crow Westerman, and Ed Blatchford (LOTM's Captain Jack Winthrop)

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