Re: A Tale of Reversed Dreamcatchers, Wicked Weaves, and Mohicans on the Lam.........

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Posted by E on January 13, 1998 at 21:11:06:

In Reply to: Re: A Tale of Reversed Dreamcatchers, Wicked Weaves, and Mohicans on the Lam......... posted by Rebecca, the sinful on January 13, 1998 at 20:24:53:

As Hawkeye and Ching head west to Can-tuc-kee, believing themselves to be free at last from the shackles of damsels in distress and pompous Brits, .... deep in the forest, a runner reaches them. Ching senses there is trouble brewing so he kills the messenger. Alas! The intrepid hero Hawkeye spots something (which is why he's named Hawk-eye... we expect him to spot things) clutched in the left hand of the dead courier (left hand because he had his other hand blown off while playing with firecrackers, thus, it's his only hand left). He pries the left hand open... there's a crumpled piece of paper, small, beige..... Hawkeye carefully uncrumples the paper, small, beige. He places it on a nearby rock, he smooths it out, he studies the paper, small, beige..... "What the bloody hell does it say?!!!" screams Ching, whose English is getting better than his judgment. Hawkeye is startled. He steps on a twig........

"I don't know. I don't speak French!" The two men slowly turn toward each other, shrug, and start to rise. Just at that moment, a chilling wind blows across the dead, one hand left courier. The paper, small, beige... is caught up in the gust. It flutters for a moment,
though it seemed like days and days. It lands on Hawkeye's breech cloth. "Ah!" he cries loudly. "Now I understand."

Ching is nervous, impatient, agitated. "What is it? A spirit?" He slowly backs up......... Hawkeye shakes his head, "No, it was upside down." He begins to read..........

"Yo! Hawk, Ching... Come quick! The spirit of the dead Uncas is haunting me! He follows me everywhere. Blames me for his death. And he says that mad woman Cora's like a war party. She's stirring trouble up and down the frontier. Get her outta there ASAP. I've got a film set for production. We'll do lunch!
M. M.
P.S. How's Ching?"

Hawkeye grabs Killdeer, leaps to his feet, shakes his wild mane, grabs yet another twig to appease Twain, and covers his tracks.... all in one smooth, easy motion. "We're outta here!" he yells to Ching while he leaps over the nearest boulder and bounds through the wood as graceful as a deer.

The old Mohican rolls his eyes, shrugs his shoulders, and asks; "What bloody hell plan is this?" as he makes haste to catch up with Hawkeye. And they disappear out from deep in the forest.

To be continued............................

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