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Posted by Carol on March 22, 1998 at 11:13:30:

In Reply to: Treachery ... A Plea ... Long Stuff ... Stowe ... & Boards posted by Rich/Mohican Press on March 22, 1998 at 07:41:25:

: Important things first ...

: It has, unfortunately, come to our attention that one among us has been engaging in treasonous activities! Sad, but VERY true! Yes, one has been actually visiting other Web Sites, and worse ... this particular person has found some she actually ENJOYS ... and returns to them frequently. Disgusting as this may seem, and yes, WE ARE revolted by this abhorrent behavior, she (is this a clue as to the identity of this BOLD ONE? ... and, upon further review, it may become necessary to revise the Gathering menu ... perhaps we've been planning on roasting the WRONG mis-guided soul. Karol-Kabobs, anyone?) ... the important thing here, for the moment, is that it led me to the amazing discovery that there are, in fact, OTHER Web Sites out there, some of which include bulletin boards. Live & learn! Now, OFF WITH HER HEAD!

: The Board ... it has perplexed me since its inception. That is, what should OUR role be on it? Some boards seem to have absolutely no input from the host, others have hosts that pop in once & awhile to quash unwanted discussion or steer the conversation in another direction. Ours? It varies, dependent upon our mood, I guess ... we don't have an "official" policy ... sometimes I feel like we talk TOO much (this particular post a case in point!!), other times, maybe we're not there enough. My point is that we can't respond to EVERY post. No offense should be taken by our silence, or by our periodic cleanings. We must remove things, that we feel are of lesser interest to a new person coming upon the Board for the first time, in order to keep the Board manageable. A lot of times we remove entire threads of chatter. NOT because we don't welcome that kind of thing, but because once it is read by all, there is no informational material in there to interest people coming upon the Site. NEVER, please, feel that there is a personal motive there! OK?

: Get the feeling, due to this streaming drivel, there may not be anything to say this week? Wrong! Actually, a few things ...

: Gayle has inspired us to do more research of our own and to incorporate this into a Longue Carabine essay. (No, NOT DDL!) So, please see the Musings! Actually, though, other than a couple of book listings suggested by Mary, that is the only new item we have this week. We'll slow the pace a little, and give you all a chance to catch up!

: Regarding Madeleine Stowe's newest film ... Neuromancer called it "The Proposition". We've heard it referred to as "Tempting Fate". Regardless of the name, and we know we are pre-judging this, it appears it is more of the same from our beloved ex-Cora. Stowe has sex again! This time, not with one ... not even with TWO ... but with ALL THREE of her male co-stars ... and, one is a Priest! Nuff said!

: Ros' revelation of a longer version of LOTM has certainly intrigued us! Several of you have called for another letter writing campaign. We feel that this time, if it is to be undertaken, we should direct our attention to 20th Century Fox. We will gladly push this on the Site, and collect the letters from you to send, en masse, to Fox - if that's the way you want to go - but we'd like to hear a few more opinions during this week on the matter. If it's something enough of you feel is worth doing, we'll get all the information up on the Site next week. For those of you who missed it last time, Myrrh & Joy collaborrated on a cover letter (see link below) which we sent off to Michael Mann along with dozens of your personal pleas & a guide book. Fox can live without the book, but a similar approach would probably be good. We need to know your opinions. It will take A LOT of letters to be noticed by these guys, I would imagine, so it's GOT to be a large-scale affair ...

: Is anyone still there?

Now why is Rich really upset that some of us visit other web sites? Is it because he did not know of the site which I referred Elaine to? Is it because the aforementioned site has nothing to do with LOTM? Is it due to the fact that the site in question contains copious amounts of sarcasm? I doubt that Rich would be threatened by any of these things. Perhaps the fact that Elaine hogged the computer for an hour or 2, totally ignored Mr. Mohican for the entire time and had a few laughs in the process is why Rich is upset. It's a reality shock when one realizes he is not the center of the universe!!

No need to change the menu on my account. Betty is hard at work keeping Bill fat and happy......feeding him high caloric gruel, marinating him with red wine. The Billbecue sauce has been perfected, the roast is scheduled for Sunday night, fire permits have been obtained, Patrick has taken out additional life insurance on dear old dad and is planning on attending a expensive, private college! Wonder if he is considering grad school? I'm confident we have the correct meat source for the roast. At least he's properly aged!!!!

On a more serious note, I'm all for a letter campaign to 20th Century Fox. It would be our second go round with this type of thing so let's get it done with. We would need a lot of letters, but it is worth a shot.

BTW, I'll provide the link to that site which amused Elaine to no end and disrupted Rich's equilibrium. Go to the link, click on Rick's Indian 101 and you can figure it out from there. Be quick, before Rich deletes it!

Carol the traitor

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