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Posted by Alysha on June 30, 1998 at 14:42:38:

In Reply to: Re: The Original Director's Cut?!? posted by Ayesha on June 30, 1998 at 10:18:38:


: : Wolfie.

: :
: : : Hey, thanks, ALL of you, new & old, for bringing this place back to life!!

: : : Ros made mention of a "long" version of LOTM the other day ... here is her description of the film, to the best of her recollection. This all makes sense. Remember Eric Schweig, in the old interview we used to have up, made reference to EXPECTING to see a longer version on video. Thank you very much, Ros, for sharing these thoughts!

: : :
: : : "As best I can remember, the beginning was longer with more
: : : development of the characters. For example, there is a longer time spent in
: : : the Camerons cabin where the whole explanation of the French battling the
: : : English, the need for the militia and which Indians are supporting whom and
: : : why is discussed. Hawkeye also talks about why he and Uncas and
: : : Chingatchgook are not participating. It is a nice anti war speech. There is
: : : also a longer time spent during the lacrosse match. And the arrival of
: : : Heyward with Cora is more detailed with him expressing his love and their
: : : past together. The journey through the woods, following Magua, is more
: : : involved. Alice becomes faint which is why Cora asks Heyward to stop, There
: : : is also a scene somewhere here abouts that Magua plans the attack, so you
: : : know why he wants to continue walking. There are some scenes of great
: : : affection between Alice and Uncas and it is clear they love each other. And
: : : at the beginning Cora and Alice spend time with some of their father's army
: : : men so that when they arrive at William Henry, the characters they meet at
: : : the hospital etc. are not new to the audience. Now that is all I can
: : : remember at this time. The movie was just developed more and provided for
: : : better continuity, I think. I will keep trying to get a copy.
: : : Hope this helps.

: : : Ros"

: How does one get a copy of the "old interview" with Eric?

: Sylvine mentioned the other day that she would be able to send a
: copy of the movie Red River. Does anyone know how to get a hold
: of her?

: I have a friend here who has a duplicating machine and I would be
: willing to make copies for who ever wants them.

: I also would love to see the director's cut of the movie. The
: latest version of the video release has a very short interview
: with Eric at the beginning. He has such incredible potential
: as an actor. It would be so great if he could return to film.
: What would really be great is to have more film and television
: programs devoted to Native American life, both contemporary and
: historical.

: It seems that a few years ago there was a greater window of
: opportunity for that to happen. Lately the interest seems to
: be waning.

: Maybe the new movie due to be released this summer called
: Smoke Signals will usher in a return of the interest. It would
: also be fabulous to have a well developed show on weekly television on Native life such as they have in Canada. This would give Native actors a great vehicle.

: Ayesha

Yes I am very curious about the old interview also. I am still going through the old posts and everyone posting at the time seemed glad to take it off the site. Sounded pretty negative. But still I would like to know more about it.
Alysha(not to be confused w/Ayesha!)

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