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Posted by Myrrh on July 14, 1998 at 18:56:14:

In Reply to: Re: Uncas/Cora, continued... posted by Lynn on July 14, 1998 at 11:05:36:

Okay, I guess I'll postpone grocery shopping till later...I can't walk away from this thread!! (Boy, go away for a couple hours and the board explodes!)

: : ...So, you think Madeleine as Cora is too strong or dominant to fit with Uncas? I don't know... I can imagine him being self-assured, seductive, sensual enough to make a good pair with her. Or, who else would you suggest?
: : Petra

Yes Petra, I think Maddy is too strong. Yet, the character of Alice was too weak, so if we were to pair Cora and Uncas, Cora would have to be played by someone rather in between... someone with a little chutzpah, but also vulnerable to his ... well, his aura. Someone down the line mentioned Juliette Binoche---I'd go for that! Although Juliette is kind of "wispy" or ethereal...and Eric, as we know, is very, how would one put it? SUBSTANTIAL!

I can't think...someone name some other likely actresses...

: Cora is too strong in persona for Uncas. To me, his character says he may like Cora, or admire her, but said admiration usually does not spark primal feelings. And protection/desire is a strong one. Think about that a sec.

Hi, Lynn! Okay, I'm thinking! This is fun! So far, so good...I agree.

: The desire to protect is a deeper, more basic human/primate/gut reaction, and it usually happens fairly fast, if not instantly. Admiration is a logical-brain reaction and usually takes time to build. I do not see Cora bringing forth that flash of male primal instinct of desire - to protect, to shield, the "I am needed for her survival" from Uncas.

I see your point. But, it can't be ALL urge to protect that attracts! I think men need to see a little strength in there along with the vulnerability, to really bring out the attraction. (Don't we women always want to see some vulnerability in there along with the strength, in men?) That's the way they get from "urge to protect" to "urge to merge!"

: ....when Uncas takes hold of Alice after he ran off the horses. ... I stop you, and do this for your survival.

Sometimes I wonder if this little moment might not have been exploited a bit better...Alice actually shows some spunk, confronting him like that. That might have been reason for his looking twice at remember, it's shortly after that, that he stops to take another look at her, at the little maybe, the incident with the horses sparked his interest. THAT would make sense. But then after that, we see nothing from Alice, basically...nobody home, practically. Maybe he just liked the way she looked, period.

: Now if I try to image The Kiss between Uncas and Cora - **oh sigh** - it just doesn't work. I cannot even see him wanting to kiss her and I cannot image Cora's passion sparking to life within his arms. No chemistry.

No, not with this Cora. She's too aristocratic, even out in the field! There was something natural or logical about the onscreen attraction between Hawkeye and Cora....I mean, really, Daniel and Madeleine. They FIT. Maybe we're back to the thing about mixing races again. But I can't believe there couldn't be a sizzling coupling between Uncas and Cora, given the right actress. And, of course, the scenes would have had to be written differently.

: Sometimes it even runs through my mind - Why was Uncas in love with Alice anyway? Someone want to take on that topic? And I'm still not convinced she loved him.

Ah, this topic has been thoroughly chewed already! Alice (as she was portrayed/written) wasn't the best catch in the world, and especially not out on the frontier! Michael Mann owes it to himself to put together a Director's cut just to make this part of the film make sense! No, I'm not convinced she loved him either. It just wasn't ever presented to the viewer!!

: ...we don't see Uncas kiss Alice, so we don't know how they handled it on film. Was it any good? To repeat for the 100-millionth time, the kiss never should have been taken out.

YESSS, for the 100-millionth time, I agreeeee! Dang it all anyway!

: It sure doesn't help when we have never seen Eric play a physical love scene on camera either. I do believe he would have handled it wonderfully. What do you think? He sure played the romantic scene in Follow The River great. Remember when Wild Cat tries to talk the extremely dunderheaded Mary Ingles into going away with him to Kispoko Town?

WEeeeeeeelllll...I got it, mainly because I wanted to...but so far Eric's romantic portrayals haven't QUITE set the spark yet. Now, I haven't seen Red River yet either, though, and he's the romantic lead in that. HAS ANYONE IN THE WORLD SEEN IT?! (Sylvine, are you still out there??)

I think there are two things at work here: the combination of his not having worked yet with a director who could pull that out of him, and his probably not being at a point in his life where he felt comfortable letting that out onscreen. I think it would do his career (if he's still pursuing one) a lot of good to get a good romantic performance out on film. (Not to mention how much good it would do all of US!) Poor baby...if only he knew how powerfully attractive he is.

So, I DO SEE him as (to use Petra's words) self-assured, seductive and sensual, but I don't think he's quite gotten that onto film yet, and he should.

As for the Uncas/Cora thing...well, geeze, we still haven't solved that, have we?!


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