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Posted by Chris on October 26, 1997 at 16:37:27:

In Reply to: Re: Least Favorite Scene- Not for me posted by Tom Kilbane on October 26, 1997 at 14:13:02:

: I think that scene is one of the best and most powerful of the entire movie. Uncus has to die! It would not be LOTM if that was not so. In every film version Uncus must die a gallant sacrificial death.

: In 1936 Uncus is whacked by Magua's tomahawk and falls off a cliff. Alice then jumps to her death to avoid Magua's lust. Uncus with his last breath (you would think a tomahawk blow and a drop of several hundred feet would have finished him) places his hand over the dead Alice's hand.

: In 1977 Uncus dives in front of Magua's bullet to save Cora. In Cooper's novel Cora and Uncus are the romantic couple and Hawkeye is a celibate, middle-aged, cold-blooded killer.

: None of Uncus's previous film deaths rival Eric Schweigs in the 1992 version. I never tire of watching that scene and I never fail to be moved it. Simply wonderful entertainment.
: : Yes, it IS sad to lose poor Uncas...but being the ever-optimistic Pisces that I am, every time I watch the movie, I think to myself, "Maybe...just maybe...THIS time Uncas will win the fight!" And I hold my breath through the entire struggle, as though that might make it turn out differently.

: : But, I don't consider this a "least favorite" scene, because I truly think it is a MASTERFUL bit of film. The pounding of that drum in the background echoes the sound of my heart as Uncas begins his desperate run up the mountainside, and continues straight through to Alice's fall to her death. Any movie moment that can pull a viewer into it as completely as that has to be considered a wonderful scene, surely. I give it 5 stars!

: : Marcia

As much as I feel like throwing up every time I see Uncas head up the mountain, the scenes that follow are wonderfully done. The stunned look on Uncas' face when Magua cuts him, and then he almost looks like he knows he will die, but goes after Magua again. Alice turning away and can't watch. The blood spurting when Magua cuts Uncas' neck. Uncas' blood on Magua's outstretched hand as he beckons Alice back. And of course, the look on Alice's face before she jumps. The stunned look on Magua's face when Chingachgook clubs him. The resignation on Chingachgook's face before he impales Magua. The way Chingachgook kicks Magua off his club like you kick off a block of wood which is stuck on your axe. I was so awed by Michael Mann's direction in this movie that Heat was a great disappointment. The actors have been quoted saying how hard he worked them, but the end result was worth it to the audience. I hope the actors know how much we appreciate all the work, sweat and blood they put into this film. I'm sure I've seen it over 100 times, and I still find new things to admire about it.


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