Confusing Lines

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Posted by Marcia on July 26, 1998 at 09:16:49:

In Reply to: Re: Did anyone else notice this?(marcia) posted by patty on July 25, 1998 at 21:55:52:

Patty wrote:
: i guess i must have missed that post. that is hilarious. thats another place in the movie i couldnt figure out.

In case you haven't yet figured it out, or read it from the script, the actual line there is, "My compliments, Sir...take her and get out!" It confused me for MONTHS, and then one day, I heard it clearly.

:and the part when they are walking up to cameron's cabin, after Ching...itch...cook says "the MASTER of life is good.....", someone say's "yes i am..." yes i am what?

Yes, I've always had trouble with this spot, too, and really wasn't even sure who said it...but I found it in the script pages here on the site. Of course, being virtually senile, I've already forgotten what I found! Ack!!

: and... if the french are 300 yds out and are digging 30 yds a day, how can they be at the fort in 3 days? maybe he said "100 yds out".....

This works, but you have to remember that they don't have to actually REACH the fort...once they are within range, they can "pound them to dust." And range was something like 200 yards away, I think...correct me, here, somebody, so I don't have to go get the video & look...but I think that was it. So if they can cover 100 yards (or thereabouts) in three days, that puts them within 200 yards of the fort, and therefore, within range. Clear it up any?

: who knows??? maybe i just need to clean my ears out in a bad way...

As Mark would said, clean them out in a "good" them out in a "bad" way is what causes the problem! hehe

: oh, and about Day Lewis being a wimpy nerd....i was just refering to his feminine white hands and his ackward way of kissing.

Love those peculiarly LONG hands! Very strange, though...the longest thumbs I've ever seen on a pair of hands! BTW, am I the only person who can recognize almost everyone from their hands? I've always been fascinated by them. (just a perfectly useless little tidbit, there!)

: i know you adore him, so i wouldnt knowingly say something bad about him. it was just an observation.

You may say whatever you think, dear! It won't change my opinion one iota, and I will defend to the death your right to your own opinion. Just be forewarned that I *will* jump to his defense when I can. ;o)

: he is an extremely talented actor

No doubt, there!

:and was very "hunky" in LOTM. you do have good taste.

Why, thank you, she says, modestly.

:i guess he just had to look the part in Age of Innocence. if he had long hair and tattoos in that movie, he probably wouldnt have fit in.... you think?? :-)

I would have LOVED to have seen Mae Welland's reaction to Hawkeye suddenly appearing in her drawing room! hehehaha

If you have not seen Room With a View, you simply MUST watch it. Not only is it a great Victorian film, and very funny in many places, but DDL, who makes his appearance in the second half, is unbelievable as the insufferable Cecil Vyse. Now you want to talk NERD??? Newland Archer is Macho Personified compared to this guy. And talk about awkward's hilarious! And lily-white hands!! Do rent it, and let me know what you think!


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