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Posted by Kay on July 30, 1998 at 11:22:01:

In Reply to: Re: Magua - the real heroe posted by Marcia on July 30, 1998 at 09:17:43:

Macia wrote: Hawkeye WIMPISH??? You just knew as Hawkeye's Number One fan and the wife of Dweebie Day-Lewis, MMMM would have to respond to that one, didn't ya? OK, first and foremost, the Magua comments:

: WES STUDI is marvelous. Wes Studi is a wonderful actor. Wes Studi is mucho macho. MAGUA, on the other hand, was a man filled with hatred and interested only in his own personal vengance on any and everyone he could blame his troubles on. Yes, he had suffered at the hands of the white man, but remember "Magua's heart is twisted, and he would make himself into what twisted him." He admits he would use the ways of the white man and become as much like them as possible. He admits he would be perfectly happy to cheat the Seneca, the Sauk, the Fox. He agrees he would gladly kill every man, woman & child of his enemies. He answers a resounding "YES!" to Nathaniel's "Would you?" He is NOT a hero by any definition I ever heard applied. I do not hate Magua, but by the end of the movie, I can guarantee you I am very glad to see him sent to his just rewards by a stout whack (or 6 or 7) of Chingachgook's war club. It was long overdue.

: As for Hawkeye being (gag, choke!) "wimpish," any man who offers himself to the fire to save the woman he loves is just the kind of wimp I'd like to have around. He is not only willing to burn to save CORA, but argues that he should die in the fire instead of DUNCAN, a man who has tried repeatedly (before he finally understood what was "going on here") to have him hanged. He hacks & chops his way through countless Indians to save the woman he loves, and is willing to stay at the fort & face hanging to be close to her. He WINS every physical confrontation he is involved in, only receiving a scratch under his left eye, and a blood blister on his right thumb in the process. SOME wimp!

: I'll leave the heroes like Magua for you, if you prefer. Me, I'll take wimps like Hawkeye any day.

: But I'm off on a rant Dennis Miller would say, it's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

: MMMMarcia

Think about this a minute.If it hadn't been for our beloved Magua,you wouldn't have the scene where Hawkeye runs through
every obstacle to get to Cora.You wouldn't have had the waterfall scene,and the "I will find you" scene.Just about every good scene in the movie is there because of Magua.I think that you owe Magua
your undying gratitude for making Hawkeye look so good.Sure,it's
easy playing the good guy.Everybody loves the good guy and could care less about the poor misunderstood Magua.He just needed the love of a good woman(Me,me,me!!!!!!)I will definately take Magua any day,and the rest of y'all can fight over Hawkeye and Uncus:o)


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