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Posted by Jenny on August 04, 1998 at 18:35:56:

In Reply to: Re: Magua and Alice - now there's a thought! posted by Jenny on August 04, 1998 at 18:30:55:

I just wanted to add that if Magua did contain utmost hatred for Magua and his children, he might have not only weighted death as one punishment, he could have probably planned to torture Alice. I mean not for just a few days, but like for her whole life. She is the enemy in the eyes of Magua and his people. If so, in my opinion, they would have probably kept her as a slave. They could rape her, feed her refuse, etc. You get the point. We had to watch this for History last year, and my teacher told me that when she jumped she did so because she knew by then that there was no hope for her. That she would have to live a life of servitude and horror. Not to mention that her lover,Uncas, dies,whom I feel she had a burgeoning feelings of love for....

: : : : ...remember on the cliff edge where he looks almost gentle and afraid when she walks towards the edge, how he lingers a second when she throws herself off, as if hes a little in shock..could it be that at the moment he wanted to make a fresh start with the beautiful young innocent?????

: : :
: : : : I agree completely. He didn't attempt to coax Alice from the ledge out of kindness. Magua wanted to take Alice to the Hurons of the Lake, and let all of them enjoy her demise.Well, I guess that is sort of kind- in a Magua-way.Ha,Ha.
: : : : The long version of how I feel about Alice/Magua is posted yesterday. As for the seeming indifference he showed after Alice jumped, I think is just reflects his lack of respect for human life.It was as if a leaf had fallen from a tree, of no more concern. She was nothing to him, except a means to achieve vengeance.
: : : : Kathy S

: : : Time to weigh in on this one. I must have been watching a different movie altogether than you guys were!! I saw Magua, with a cold, heartless expression, stretch out a bloodied hand and arm toward Alice and give two of the most vicious, arrogant demands for obedience I have ever seen in my life! It said "Come here, b***ch. Now." Replay that scene. LOOK at those gestures! What would you have done? Alice had the one lucid moment she probably ever had in her whole life. She saw exactly what the future held for her, and she made the same choice she would have made if Uncas had never existed - the same choice any woman would have made under the circumstances. I think Wes Studi at that moment was the penultimate actor, and that stance and those two gestures deserve to go down in history with the finest example of acting ever produced in one brief moment.

: : : Gayle

: : I agree wholeheartedly, Gayle, that Magua's gesturing Alice back from the ledge was Wes'finest moment in the film. My impression, however, was that with a slight flicker in his eyes as he stared into Alice's eyes, he showed the first spark of humanness. For a split second he seemed to read the hopelessness in Alice's eyes, lowered his knife, and gestured with more empathy seen from him thought after he walked away was -- why did he care even for an instant, since his whole purpose was to end the "gray hair's" seed?.....ann

: Hello...just wanted to add my 2 cents by saying that I believe that Magua actually felt some sort of pity or at least was entranced by her at the cliffs(after Uncas dies). It even says in the script that he is entranced by her..and subtley gestures her to come back away from the edge. In addition, I felt by the way he looked at her wasn't in a cold manner..I kinda saw a soft spot in him...anyway..he wasn't a heartless murderer before...he did have a family he loved...By the way, doesn't he kind of remind you of Cassius in William Shakespeare's JULIUS CAESAR? Cassius was a complex human..He chose the wrong way of getting what he wanted and he did do certain things that was evil and heinous...but he also had an inch of kindness in him..He treated Brutus like his own brother..and committs suicide when he thinks that his friend dies(i not sure because i read this in freshman year of high school)...Just like Cassius, I believe Magua is not totally inhumane. He heart was darkened by Munro's savageness towards his family, but that doesn't mean he didn't hold on to the goodness in him. If he was heartless as some people said, he wouldn't have been so angry, desperate, and devastated by Munro's action. If he was able to love before the incident of his children's deaths, I think that he would still hold that's just that he is overwhelmed by his anger and want for vendata....To say that a person is all bad is totally inaccurate in my opinion because all people were born to feel...All people aren't all good or all bad..but a complex array of personalities...all according to degree...
: ~Jenny
: =)

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