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Posted by Rich/Mohican Press on September 27, 1998 at 07:28:50:

Nothing new on the Site this week! Well, that's not entirely true, we did make various minor changes here & there, but no real additions. The focus, on the Opening Page, is on the Director's Cut Drive!

We simply need more input from all of you! Donna from Vermont (a Gatherer '98) asked if we could announce, each week, the number of letters received. I would be too embarrased to do that at this point! Through the Site's existence, there has continually been a clamor for a Director's Cut of LOTM! WHERE IS EVERBODY?!? Surely it's not because of lack of visitation ... the rate of visitors keeps going up, up, up. So, ??????? I'm befuddled. Ideally, we'd like hundreds to package together for 20th Century Fox. Maybe a thousand or more. If everyone who visited the Site wrote a letter, that figure would be reached in less than TWO DAYS! If you wrote last time, we still need your letters this time around. They're going to a totally different place. If you want to see a Director's Cut, you need to chip in! Even our good friend John Evans, out in Ohio, and not even connected to the Internet, has sent in his ... are you shamed yet? : )

Enough on that ... That did cause though, at least partially, for us to lay back and let the Site's focus remain on that for the time being. The other factor was the aggravation caused this week. Sometimes, it does appear to us, that no matter what we do, we are criticized. No matter how much we pump out, no matter how complete we strive to make this Site, somebody complains. Either we're too controlling, too racist, too boring, need to get a life, etc. etc. Of course, the vast majority of comments we receive are positive. It's weird how one negative carries so much more weight, it seems, than a whole bunch of positives! Bottom line? We need a break!

The state of the Board, IOHO, is fine. Interaction & humor are always best when they are spontaneous. We could post ad nauseum on & on, about the same thing, over and over, endlessly, without pause (get the picture?) ... but then the outrageously hilarious outbursts that have punctuated this Board from time to time would probably never have occured. I think it best to be "boring" if one has nothing new to say! At some point, something will trigger something in us somewhere, and "BOOM!" ... the Board will be a-hoppin' again! Carry on, as you always do!

We did add a NetMind-It link to our Opening Page. You can use it to add your E-Mail to their system and be notified, by e-mail, everytime time the Site has changes made to it. Those of you who have been here awhile know that we usually upload on Sunday mornings, but that's not always the case, so, you may want to sign on ... it's free!

On the horizon? Mark Baker says he's getting back in the mood for writing! Noel Manning has promised on-the-set excerpts from his journal. Someday, Soldier #1 (Curtis Gaston) may indeed finish HIS story. We're having more sound files made for download and to add to the Script Pages, The Gathering will again take center-stage at some point, and Mark Baker has promised to send us (finally!) his notes to Michaels Mann & Waxman regarding historical accuracy ... this, we hope, will result in a lengthy Musing on what was going to be, what was, and what SHOULD have been. Most exciting of all, is the POSSIBILITY (much thanks to Davenie!!) of an interview with Colonel Munro (Maurice Roeves)! If we do indeed get the opportunity, we'll be SURE to ask him what brand of razor he uses!

Thank you Sarah for the fantastic post on the excavations at Fort William Henry!

Oh, one last thing ... sheepishly, I must finally admit something. This week, we added the "Going west to Can-tuck-ee" sound file to our Download Page. Listening to it, I can clearly hear, for the first time, Hawkeye say, "... sudden-like." Oh, woe is me!

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