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Posted by Mme. Claire Voyant on October 05, 1998 at 09:33:06:

In Reply to: Thanks to Mme. Clair Voyant posted by The Bee Holder on October 05, 1998 at 08:36:01:

The Bee Holder writes:

: I send you this Abenaki with a packed knapsack on his back. The Abenaki's knapsack is packed with gifts for you in appreciation for the enlightening reading you did. We apologize for the delay, but it was due to a temporary lack of Abenaki backpacks. Howzever - -

>>Knick-knack, paddywhack, give the Abenake backpacking sacks packed a smack!

: You requested:
: :I'll take 5 quarts of your famous Tupelo Honey, and a first edition of one of James Fenimore Cooper's Leatherstocking Tales books! How's that???

: My pleasure, Mme. The making of the Tupelo Honey was but the work of a moment for our busy bees. It was packing it in the knapsack that took some doing.

>>Ummm, yummy! I can hardly wait for the arrival of your backpacking Abenake with sacks packed ( this deja vu?)

: The hand-written 1st edition of Last of the Mohicans was obtained by our treasure hunter, Sothe Bee from the estate sale advertised some time ago in the Courier Classifieds by Miss Cora Munro. Although the manuscript was hastily written and not in good condition, Sothe Bee can vouch for its authenticity. Included is the strip of breechclout material Miss Munro used for a bookmark.

>>Sothe Bee does good work! I am most grateful for the manuscript, and I'm dancing on top of the kitchen table (not a pretty sight, believe me) in anticipation of my new bookmark! Wooo-woooo!

: As an additional token of my appreciation, you will find in the Abenaki's knapsack a specially designed wampum belt made by our small but industrious auxilliary swarm at Bie Dwerks, GmbH (GermanmerrybeesHive). It recounts the dramatic story of Cora's canoe disaster and Hawkeye's abortive attempt to get his act together. Unfortunately, "Tupperware" doesn't translate, but I think you will agree that "Squirrel Fritters" makes a lovely pattern.

>>Mme. Claire will reply to this as soon as she picks herself up off the kitchen should not try dancing on the tabletops and laughing hysterically at the same time! A tip from your Sassy Soothsayer!

: I thought you might want to know the results of your excellent guidance.

: You envisioned:
: : To reassure you, there is no doubt that Hawkeye will fight. He can do no less. Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Hawkeye gotta fight bad guys till he dies...can't help lovin' that Man of Mine!

: Could it Bee? Yes, it could! Something's comin', something good . . if we can waaaaait. . .

>>Ahhh, Bee Holder! Together, We Bee Music!! ;o) (Motto: We Write the Songs that Make the Whole World Gag!)

: And you further predicted:
: :As for She-Who-Tracks, you can't keep a good gal down, and she has been marshalling her strength in order to be ready for your rescue attempt. You will soon have her out of this sticky situation and back on track, where she belongs.

: We agree - She's a real honey, but Bee Fore tells me there is a question about her real identity. If we could just get her to remember who she is and figure out why she's tracking La Longue Carabine . . .

>>I'm not sure who she is...Sassy would have to do another reading to answer that sticky question...but I've got a pretty good idea as to why she's tracking La Longue Carabine! Mme. Claire didn't fall off the turnip truck yesterday, ya know!

: Most valuable vision:
: :Chingachgook can bee found down by the gazing pool near the waterfall, staring at the reflection of his mighty tattooed chest, flexing his formidable biceps, and muttering something like, "Who do these Young Turks think they are, messing around with I, Chingachgook, Last of the Mohicans?"

: Even as I write, Gore Bee is a-rushin' to the gazing pool. He and his brother Sore Bee Hind will throw their weight into a pointed message that I guarantee you will get Ching's attention.

>>And about time, I must say! Ching is bee-ginning to get on Mme. Claire's nerves, mooning over his own reflection an' all. Now if he were mooning AT his own reflection, Mme. Claire might bee more interested!

: And then that super financial guidance:
: :And Duncan's Barbecue will be a spectacular, though very short-lived, success. As you have guessed, the smart investor will put his hard earned honey, I mean, MONEY, into shares of the more enduring Duncan's Doughnuts!

: Your timely tip will allow me to withdraw my investment before it goes up in smoke. Am reinvesting in Pork Bellies and Honey-glazed Pig Knuckles.

>>Wise choices, both! Mme. Claire is happy you have beegun to use her services to your advantage. Perhaps others shall beecome impressed with the Bee Holder's cleverness and beegin to beelieve in the usefulness of the Sassy Soothsayers guidance.

Thank you for your Patronage and even your Patroonage! (But never your poltroonage!)

I remain, yours Most Respectfully,
Mme. Claire Voyant d/b/a The Sassy Soothsayer

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