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Posted by MMMMarcia on June 30, 2000 at 08:01:02:

In Reply to: The Patriot posted by Dr. Uncle Mark on June 30, 2000 at 06:30:59:

Hi, DRuncle!

Kate & I saw The Patriot Wednesday night, and we both are of a similar mind as to the film. For us, it was a "Mel Gibson movie" through and through. Which, if you are a Mel Gibson fan (she & I are) is a pretty good reason to see it, in spite of the flaws.

From a historical standpoint, I am admittedly not an expert at all, but last night the history channel showed a program on it, and the experts on the show seemed to feel it wasn't that far off the mark as to the "mood" and events depicted, though they did state that everyone in the film is an amalgam of real persons, rather than any one person. They felt the depiction of Tavington was pretty much right on, though not necessarily in the specific incidents shown (the church, etc). His real-life counterpart was known (according to them) to have committed brutal acts against the civilians in his belief it would turn them against the rebels or at least force them not to harbor any. They did not get into costumes, etc, but they felt the scene where the family takes refuge with the runaway slaves was pretty unrealistic.

All of the above represents the point of view of the men being interviewed, not mine, as I don't know that much about these particular things. What I DO know is that the movie is very entertaining, but never pulls me in the way LOTM does. The cinematography is lovely, though not nearly as realistic in the battle scenes & night scenes as I would have liked. By that, I'm referring to the lighting, and not the graphic battle effects, which are pretty horrific.

I felt the relationships between father & family were nicely done, and the acting pretty solid. Mel does his usual satisfactory job, and in some scenes was quite moving. But it IS always Mel, if you know what I mean. The actor who plays his oldest son (Heath Ledger, I think his name is) is quite good, and very appealing. I think we'll hear more of him.

The one thing Kate & I both agreed on was that there were many scenes that were clones of scenes in LOTM and other films. There are at least 2 which MUST have been choreographed by the same person who created the Hawkeye manuevers on the George Road & at Massacre Valley. There are also Braveheart moments, and even (I swear!) Lethal Weapon moments. But they are fun in their own ways.

I don't think this one will win Mel any Oscars, but I do think it an entertaining film, and I'll probably see it again. I doubt I'll buy the video, though, and for me, that's a sure sign it wasn't what I had hoped it would be. But there are at least 3 moments that reduced me to tears (a sign SOME things were working) and I enjoyed watching it on some levels, even with the flaws. Go see it & tell us what YOU feel!

PS...Kate & I tried and tried, but we couldn't find Soldier #2 anywhere! :-(

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