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Posted by Rich/Mohican Press on July 02, 2000 at 07:38:56:


This just in from the Asheville Citizen-Times:

June 28 -- Officials were astounded to discover graffiti Monday morning painted on the cliff face of Chimney Rock, the monolith and star attraction of Chimney Rock Park. No one has been apprehended in this crime, but local law enforcement have close to 80 suspects to
investigate. A group of people calling themselves "The Last of the
Mohican Gatherers" visited the park and traversed the trails last
Sunday. Mr. Morse, owner of Chimney Rock commented "they were so nice
and attentive when I met them Sunday evening. I can't believe any one
of them would do such a thing." However, reports of debauchery and
hysterical laughter filtered down from other area residents who
witnessed "The Gatherers" activities. One anonymous hiker exclaimed,
"It was a rainin' and a pourin' and these here folks were laughin' like loons! You'd a think they got into a little bit a'shine the ways they were carrin' on. I saw a' one of them dressed on up like some kind of Indian feller grabbin' the women folk and they's liked it!" Other visitors to the park mentioned encountering several ladies dressed in eighteenth century attire, two pregnant women "climbing like mountain goats", and overhearing a group of women at Inspiration Point muttering "Uncas and Magua were here...". Anyone with further leads can contact local officials at 1-800-DDL-1234.

Courtesy of Christie!


Many of you have seen the above "article" & photo via an e-mail. This is for those who haven't!

Gathering 2000 is over. Can't believe a third has come & gone. Where does the time go? It was really a rewarding experience for us. More so than you can possibly realize. It was pretty much a foregone conclusion for us that this would be the last such event we would sponser ... that is BEFORE The Gathering. It had become a year-round preparatory affair. It was feeling, to us anyway, that it had lost its original flavor ... the spontaneity of a bunch of Internet friends coming together. The figures, only approximate ... Out of 80 people coming, about 35 were here before. Out of the other 45, we knew a few pretty well from the Board, but about half of all Gatherers were going to be people we really didn't know. I really didn't want this to be a thing where I simply led folks around the mountains to see the sites. It would then not be worth the effort. I had convinced myself that this is what it would become ... Was I ... were WE ... ever surprised ...

It wasn't that at all. It was a bunch of "fans" that were only not friends because we hadn't the time ... yet ... It was the first Gathering all over again ... just bigger! It renewed our faith in what we were doing. You are all such a very special group ... unlike any other I've ever been exposed to. Thank you, everyone, for making the ends justify the means!

At the risk of sounding redundant, I want to express thanks to all of you for participating, being so very understanding, cooporative, & supportive ... Marcia, Jo, Eric & Sharon ... you've been there since the beginning, helping put each & every one of these events together! Thank you! Ilse, Mary B., Karen, Kathie, John H., John E., Linda, Kelli, Donna, Caitlin, Susan ... you've been here every time ... giving support & lending a hand. Thank you! Jay, Ros, Dar, Jeff, Jenifer, Sandy, Penny, Alma, Darla, Dave, Len, Gwen, Adrienne, Ayesha, Collin, Sarah Z. (a 3 Little Piggie!), Mark Z., Cecelia, & Diana ... you've all come back and been your selfless selves. Thank you! Kate, you too, but there are simply no words I can express to thank you enough for what you did with Ariel's Cabin!!! Clabert, Christie, Adele, Dana, Jayne, Bill R., Yolanda, Ann ... I felt as if I knew you already, from the Board ... in a few cases, from YEARS on the Board. Thank you for coming ... and for EVERYTHING! And to everyone else, Bertha, Martha, Kathleen, Melody, Ariana, Bill M., Amanda, Barbara, Tabitha, Mary G., Rob, Stan, Teri, Debra, Karen W., Dan, Betty, Nancy, Beth, Summer, Jo S. & buddies (the names of whom escape me!), Connie, Chris C., Nathan, Mark W., Jordan, Vince, Debbie, Karin M., Stephanie, Laura, Barby, & Barrett ... muchos gracious ... you swayed the tide by bringing your personalities and laying them on the table for all to share!

Really, to ALL of you, I can't thank you enough! And now, it's time for another year to pass ... Maybe, the next one will see the return of Emily & Kevin, and Sarah M., and Carol, and Chris B. ... maybe? And, MAYBE, the next one will see a few of you other long-time Mohicanites making your FIRST appearance?! We can only hope ... Really, though, this was more than we bargained for. Three GREAT years in a row! The bottom line here? WE (all of US), more than anything, are the main attraction! Woooohoooo!


AROUND THE SITE: The Gathering Pages are revamped ... 4 full pages of photos (Thank you, E & S!), with more still to come. Plus, "a Spirited Gathering" has been added to & be sure to see the "2000 Mohican Gathering Awards" ...

The MohicanLand Masses page is updated ... Christina, the red-haired lass, joining the fray; Doctor Mary answers the latest call for help (see Doc. Mary, Part II); the on-going renovation of the Gift Shop slowly continues; & updates in the Links & elsewhere ... Enjoy!


8:00 The First Americans. Columbus was convinced they were from India; others thought them descendents of Atlantis or the Lost Tribes of Israel. Serious study began with Thomas Jefferson who was fascinated by tools and mounds found throughout the New World. Join today's archaeologists searching the Americas for evidence to pinpoint when man first arrived. (cc) [TV G]

9:00 Frontier: The Decisive Battles. Blackhawk's War. After forced relocation, a warrior called Blackhawk led a group of Sac and Fox back to their homeland. But a run-in with a drunken unit of Illinois militia turned their surrender into the last great Indian war in the Midwest. In an chase from Illinois to Wisconsin, Blackhawk outfoxed his pursuers, but paid a terrible price in the end. (cc) [TV G]

9:00 Frontier: The Decisive Battles. Battle for King's Mountain. It's American versus American in the mountains of the Carolinas in the most decisive southern battle of the Revolutionary War. Leading Tory riflemen for the Crown is Scottish-born Colonel Patrick Ferguson. Opposing him is American Colonel Isaac Shelby and his sharpshooting militia mountain men. Peter Coyote narrates. (cc) [TV G]

9:00 Frontier: The Decisive Battles. Battle of Fallen Timbers. After a major defeat by Native Americans that left the Ohio frontier vulnerable to repossession by the British, President Washington calls "Mad" Anthony Wayne from retirement to fight a formidable alliance of Ohio Territory tribes and British advisors. In 1794, Wayne prepares for battle. His wild card? A "white Indian" named William Wells. (cc)

11:00 Grey Owl: The Great White Hoax. Meet Grey Owl--the first eco-warrior. Handsome and sporting buckskins and braids, the former fur trapper claimed Apache descent. In the 1930s, he came out of the Canadian forest on a mission to save the beaver. His best-selling books made him a famous conservationist. But Grey Owl was not who he said he was--he had conned a generation. [TV G]

Thanks Bill & Collin for linking your wonderfull photos to the Board!

Enjoy your 4th of July ... As always, spend a moment remembering what the Holiday is all about. It will enrich your day. And, in celebration, go see "The Patriot!" Make up your own mind!

Happy Trails! (And, don't forget The River Walk!!)

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