Re: auras and goodness and thanks for the uplift!

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Posted by Vita on July 03, 2000 at 13:21:58:

In Reply to: Re: Meant no harm re: auras and goodness posted by Bill R on July 03, 2000 at 13:08:06:

Thanks, Bill!
Ah Doc M is sorely needed.
Re. empath, yes, sometimes the symptoms manifest themselves physically. When Mama could not breathe in Florida, I would stop breathing in New York, the night Papa died in Tirana, Albania, he came to me in my dream, etc. When I read a lengthy account about a person whose feet are torn off in the torture chamber, I could not walk for a while. and... and... and...
Actually it all goes back to our prehistoric roots, to the times before language was fully developed, and we lived in small groups miles apart from each other, and communicated by sending mind pictures across the savannah.
When we are out in the fields, in the jungle, alone, and a lion or dinosaur attacks us, and we have no cell phone, beeper, walkie talkie, what do we do to summon help? We send out distress signals... sometimes we shout, scream, sometimes telegraph mind to mind... and so, in this twentieth century, we are still able to do so, but most of us do not know we can.
Man, deep stuff I've written here!
: Oh, Vita, I never meant to come across as "coming out swinging".
: It was said with tongue in cheek. The history of mankind IS depressing often.

: As to being an empath, oh yes, I can understand. I used to be somewhat that way many years ago as I kid. Hurt too much. Became hardened. Easier. If you are truly empath, then you carry a heavy burden. It must be emotionally draining to the extreme.

: I would never intentionally criticise or distress you Vita. You are a soul of "love, light and laughter". Actually, if anything, I was merely trying to uplift you by pointing out some of the obvious good things in the human spirit.

: Bill R

: : Hi Bill!!

: : Wow, man, you came out swinging with both fists! I can depress a hyena, huh? Hey, so you think am good for a visit with Doc M?
: : Yes indeed there is goodness and light in us, too, and I think that is why the darkness depresses me all the much more lately. Indeed, to paraphrase Leon Uris' Ireland, A Terrible Beauty, Homo Sapien, A Terrible Beauty...
: : You may have noticed that I talk about reincarnation often, and if you've read anything from The Horseman at all, you might have found out that I almost believe in it. Karma, cause and effect, uh, no.... not the right time to delve into this subject.
: : Yes, Bill, love not only makes the world go around, but makes it ... stay alive ....
: : I've seen the greatness human spirit can soar up to, I saw it in my parents who carried so much suffering, so gallantly, I see it in my husband, Michael, God's gift to me for being a good girl.... and I do hope he thinks of me as a gift to him, too....
: : and yes there is a very warm closeness among you LOTMers; naturally...
: : For sure, there is power in prayer, regardless of the religion of the praying person. It is the sincerety of feeling that counts. The sincerety and the strength.
: : Bill, here is a confession: I am an empath. In other words, very often, I feel the physical and spiritual sensations and pains felt by other people, as if they were occuring within my own soul or body. I know this does not make sense. Nevertheless, it is a fact, for me. Actually this is not so unusual as you must know, there are actual cases of people who manifest the stigmata in their bodies. Thought creates. I read or hear about people burning, or being tortured, and I feel it as if it's happening to me. Even if they have died long ago.

: : Take care Bill and live in love light and laughter

: : TC

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