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Posted by Ayesha on July 05, 2000 at 14:41:58:

In Reply to: Re: My take posted by Rich on July 05, 2000 at 11:59:11:

Hi All,

Collin and I went to see THE PATRIOT last evening (July 4th). We LOVED the film. I am embarrassed to say, neither Collin nor myself are very good history buffs, so we didn't have a clue as to what was real and what wasn't. I'd say, it is the good stuff that Hollywood is made of!!!! You know, like the "good old" Hollywood films. Keep in mind, I went with no expectations and not knowing the complete history, nothing mattered except what was in front me at the moment.

I felt the beginning of the film was weakly directed. The script was good, the acting good, but the director didn't seem to keep the actor's in "tight mode", so things were a little bit too sloppy (the director didn't seem to be with his actors). But after a while, things really tightened up and I was on the edge of my seat and really involved in the whole experience.

I really felt I could identify with the characters. This is always important in a film. Otherwise, you are on the outside looking in, but not involved. There were so many touching moments, things that have provoked my thoughts, last night and today! To me, it wouldn't have mattered if the characters were real or not, the story was a good one, no matter what the realities were. There cetainly was a lot of blood and guts, but The Gladiator was like that as well, and I loved "The Gladiator". Actually "The Gladiator" has been my favorite movie so far this year and is a great example of excellent directing. I must be getting less and less queasy in my "old age"!

I think it was you Rich, who said that the love interest was not developed enough. I agree, although I don't know where they could have fit it in. The movie was already 2 1/2 hours long. There was so much activity, I am not sure that it was really needed. It did leave a lot to the imagination, but this is good!

When we came out of the film, the fireworks display was going on at the nearby Shoreline Ampetheater! It was incredible! Collin and I sat on a bench and watched the show. The timing couldn't have been more perfect, with the way the movie ended and then coming outside to see the celebration, it was like the "icing on the cake". It was so meaningful! When I see films like this one, I want to delve deeper into finding out what the history really is. If the film gets many others interested in this time period, then I say "yeah"! Bottom line: A must see!

All the best,


: Hi Sarge!

: Good points! Like many others, I owe my interest in history to many of these same, inaccurate, films ... "The Alamo," the "Davy Crockett" series, "They Died With Their Boots On," "Fort Apache," & "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon" among them. It was the imagination that they inspired that caused me to want to learn more & look more deeply. Maybe we ARE a bit rough on these new films when it comes to matters of "historical accuracy."

: : Dear Mates,
: : Just got back from seeing The Patriot for the second time. Decided
: : to post this message.
: : I attended the F and I event at Ft. Niagara this past weekend where the opinions on the movie abound. Here's mine.
: : What exactly gets on involved with a hobby such as reenacting? Perhaps many reasons but probably the love or interest in history. That's mine. I grew up in the era when Walt Disney gave us some great shows. The Scarecrow, Johnny Tremaine and my favorite The Swamp Fox. Remember Dan'l, Rebecca, Mingo and Cincinnatus. I loved those shows and people. Hokie at times yes, but what dreams they stirred in me.
: : It bothers me at events of the 18th century when the general public asks where Abe Lincoln is! We should be educators first, reenactors second. In the long run do we debate the shape and size of a button or facing color or do we turn the public on to this great hobby. The Patriot can do that for us and more impotantly, the public. On the fourth of July let's celebrate that the Flag is still flying high and great. God Bless Walt Disney, John Wayne at the Alamo, even Leslie Neilson as the Swamp Fox. After all a dream can become a nation.
: : Now I'm going to pop in the Swamp Fox. Swamp Fox, Swamp Fox, tail on his hat, nobody knows where the Swamp Fox is at!!!!!
: : God Bless America
: : Sgt. Toot
: : Pa. Regt, 1st Batt.

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