Re: The Patriot - Does He Survive in the End?

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Posted by Ayesha on July 09, 2000 at 12:01:16:

In Reply to: Re: The Patriot - Does He Survive in the End? posted by Vita on July 09, 2000 at 11:14:12:

Dear Miss Vita,

I know you are strong and can take any ending, no matter what may lay ahead! You must, must, must, do your self a favor, and not find out how it ends. This way you will really enjoy!!!! Afterall, it is only film. As you can see Mr. Gibson is still alive, raising his seven children and living a fairly happy existence, as least as far as I can gather.

It would be a crying shame to see it on the little screen. There are so many utterly sweeping moments to enjoy, including the scenery on the big screen. It will not have the same impact on the tely (tv)! Also, for your information, the young fellow that plays his son, it really quite good. He is also an Aussie, but you would never know it, as his accent is no where to be found!

We do go to films to experience every emotion, this helps us to go deeper and deeper as human beings. When we view human suffering is raises our own sense of compassion. Don'tcha think???????

Blessings on your day,


: : Good Morning Vita,

: : Regarding the ending of the Patriot:

: : It would not be good for you to know the ending ahead of time. It would absolutely spoil the movie and the suspense. I was on the edge of my seat for the last half hour. There are many edge of the seat, hand wringing, 2 or 3 hanky moments in the film. I can't wait to hear your reveiw!

: Hello Ayesha!

: Tough tough tough situation. I do not WANT to WEEP! I do not WANT to see another film which is going to make me weep even in my SLEEP!As I posted last night, after mid night, I watched our dear friends Duncan, Uncas, Alice, and of course Dear Papa, meet their untimely end. And then, to escape TNT's brazen plug for Dracula drawn right along with closing credits of LOTM, I channel surfed and was sucked into Braveheart. As William Wallace aka M.G. met his Maker in the most bravest manner possible, I was totally undone.
: OK, since my fellow LOTMers, including naughty naughty Miz Marcia who's been openly challenging our Mighty Tax Collector, won't help, I have another avenue open. I can call my friend and fellow author Suzie Morris, an absolute diehard Mel Gibson devotee, who's seen The Patriot 5 times so far, to clue me in to the ending. I am really really starting to suspect, fear, that Mel Gibson passes on in the end.
: Oh, Ayesha, I don't know.... have no strength left to deal with yet another tragedy....
: OK< I shall wait until The Patriot comes on TV, next year. By then, if I keep to my promise of avoiding any other film with a sad ending, I might summon up the strength for this one....

: : A word of caution though! Don't go with any expections what-so- ever and then it will be impossible to be let down. I do think you will enjoy it.

: : Keep us posted!

: : Have a great day,

: : Ayesha

: : : Sniff, sniff, still. Swollen eyes, clogged sinuses, etc.
: : : OK, LOTM ended, during its crdits, TNT had the nerves to show the leadin for that tasteless Dracula movie, so I began cable-surfing, ran into the finale of Braveheart.
: : : Of course, double-whammy! Here I go weeping and weeping and weeping as they string up brave William Wallace and then, as he is down and everyone cries Mercy! Mercy! on his behalf, he cries: FREEEEDOOOOOMMMM!
: : : And then.... OK, this is as much as I can handle of brave wonderful men and women dying...
: : : So, please tell me if he survives Patriot.
: : : If not, I am not gonna see it!
: : : Hell no, I won't go!

: : : Vita, aka Willow Disgusted of All Her Weeping

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