Re: Results of movie party... Uncas and DDl ...My thoughts, too

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Posted by Christina on July 09, 2000 at 13:36:03:

In Reply to: Re: Results of movie party... Uncas and DDl ...My thoughts, too posted by MMMMarcia on July 09, 2000 at 11:12:09:

: Oh, you KNOW I have to weigh in when the subject is DDL & his roles. Dating? I don't think I remember much about that, but I'll give it a try! ;o)

: I have seen nearly everything DDL has ever made & enjoyed him tremendously in each role. I do truly consider him the most versatile of actors. As pertains to the characters themselves, I thought Newland Archer was one of the sexiest men EVER, but trapped in that suffocatingly repressed era that made his life hell on earth. I adore Age of Innocence, unlike some others I know, including my husband, who runs screaming from the room if I even so much as pull it from the video shelf. I'd run away with Newland in a heartbeat, if it were possible to convince his convention bound little self to take the leap. He is utterly gorgeous to my mind...and the scene in the carriage where he unbuttons Michelle Pfeiffer's glove to kiss her wrist is more highly-charged to me than any jouncing-bouncing nude scene I've ever watched. (And I agree that May Welland...Winona Ryder...was evil, evil, evil. A conniving, manipulative little priss I would like to have SLAPPED! Twice!!)

: Johnny (Laundrette)? Too punk for my tastes. I wouldn't even be interested in trying to get him to "switch teams," as Seinfeld would say. Jerry Conlan? SURE! Though who knows how much emotional baggage one would have to deal with there. John Proctor? Only if he came with a dozen razors, sixteen bars of soap, and a 55-gallon drum of Tartar Prevention Crest!! ;o) The Boxer (forgot his name...shame on me!)...Lose the prison camp haircut, and we'll talk!

: Then there's Eversmile, NJ...he does look cute in dental whites, but Patagonia's a long way to go for a date, even with DDL. Stars & Bars, oh sure! I'm ready to scrub his back in the shower right now! The Bounty...a bit smug & smarmy, but quite attractive in his uniform. I'd give him a chance, except for the fact that that Fletcher Christian guy would be pretty hard to forego running after! Unbearable Longness of Movie...nuh-uh! Don't know why the adorable Juliet Binoche put up with that guy. Fi on him and that whole boring movie!

: Chris, I don't think Laundrette is the Merchant/Ivory film you wanted...that would be Room With A View, which I adored, but no way would I go out with any man wearing a pince-nez! That's right out! (Have to say I thought Cecil was the funniest character DDL has ever played, though. What a prig!)

: My final verdict is, Hawkeye wins by a loincloth!! There is NOTHING about that character I don't love! Hair, eyes, chest, HANDS, the way he walks, the way he talks, his attitude, his bravery, his perfect portrayal of being absolutely comfortable in his own skin. *sigh* The perfect fantasy!

: MMMMarcia

Glad to get your feedback, Marcia. I see we agree on most of them, especially Hawkeye! I haven't yet seen "Stars and Bars" or the New Jersey movie yet, so I'll be interested in those if I can find them. "My Beautiful Laundrette" -- same as you, a little on the punk side for me, and "Room..." I saw it so long ago I barely remember his character but yep, too much of a priss for me. I think next to Gerry and Hawkeye, Newland is definitely my fave. I know several people who thought his character a pure wanker for not following his love, but they don't recognize the pressures all those people were under back then. Truly a lesson in taking the opportunity when it arises, learning to follow your bliss, etc. I agree with the carriage scene but also that scene where they're together at her house and she holds his head in her lap for so long. That was absolutely tragic.
But still in the end, I'd take Hawkeye. Never seen anything more perfect...and definitely fulfills my one lingering sadness about most of the Carolina boys I encounter...NO HAIR. I miss the early '90s when grunge was in and all these lovely men were growing their hair. Now the prison camp/ultra-Marine short look seems to be the only option, and that just doesn't look good on most folks...oh well...:-)

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