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Posted by Ayesha on July 09, 2000 at 16:12:02:

In Reply to: Re: Results of movie party... Uncas and DDl ...My thoughts, too posted by MMMMarcia on July 09, 2000 at 13:57:54:

Dear Folks,

I have to admit, I have been a die hard Uncas fan. My favorite story line has always been Uncas/Alice. I have been wishing forever, that Mr. Mann would have written his love scene back into the film, because it leaves one begging for more. I own every movie that Mr. Schweig has made and have been known to, along with my daughter, go on a three day Schweigger binge (lots of fun)! He was just recently on Hollywood Off Ramp and I have taped it, but not seen it yet. I think it is a very small part. His hair is short, and he is wearing a black suit (very contemporary). It may be on again tonight or tomorrow evening. It is on the E channel.

Anyway, I just thought I would throw in my "two cents"!

Have a great evening,


Now: :
: : Glad to get your feedback, Marcia. I see we agree on most of them, especially Hawkeye! I haven't yet seen "Stars and Bars" or the New Jersey movie yet, so I'll be interested in those if I can find them.

: >>I have copies of them made for me after the first Gathering (Chris...wasn't it you who obliged me with those? I'm OOOOLD. I forget these things once in awhile, but I think it was!) At any rate, they are not to everyone's taste, being WAY bizarre, but I loved them both. Mayhap we can find a kind soul to make copies for you, Red!

: >"My Beautiful Laundrette" -- same as you, a little on the punk side for me, and "Room..." I saw it so long ago I barely remember his character but yep, too much of a priss for me.

: >>True, but he was delightfully funny, simpering about! I LOVED the scene with him outside on the patio, dancing around wildly trying to avoid a bee. And the one where he tries to "protect" the ladies from the sight of all the guys skinny-dipping. What fun!

: :I think next to Gerry and Hawkeye, Newland is definitely my fave.

: >>I rank him right after Hawkeye.

: :I know several people who thought his character a pure wanker for not following his love,

: >>my own husband being one! He was utterly disgusted with everyone in that movie & now refuses to watch anything from that era. If the word "Victorian" shows up in any description or review, I know I have to see it with someone else.

: : but they don't recognize the pressures all those people were under back then.

: >>That's exactly it.

: :Truly a lesson in taking the opportunity when it arises, learning to follow your bliss, etc.

: >>Yep.

: : I agree with the carriage scene but also that scene where they're together at her house and she holds his head in her lap for so long. That was absolutely tragic.

: >>Ooooh, yes...I LOVED that scene. Remember him kissing her ankle? Be still my heart!!
: : But still in the end, I'd take Hawkeye. Never seen anything more perfect...

: >>He's the ultimate for me, though we DDL fans are definitely in the minority on this board. Uncas has always captured more attention, though I never really noticed him until the 3rd or 4th time I watched the movie. I couldn't take my eyes off of Hawkeye long enough to even LOOK at the other characters!

: :and definitely fulfills my one lingering sadness about most of the Carolina boys I encounter...NO HAIR. I miss the early '90s when grunge was in and all these lovely men were growing their hair. Now the prison camp/ultra-Marine short look seems to be the only option, and that just doesn't look good on most folks...oh well...:-)

: >>I prefer long hair on men, too, but not if it's grungy. I like it shining clean...preferably attached to a long, lean loin-cloth attired fellow seen racing slow-motion through the tall grass. A picture I could happily watch all day long. Yes, the hair has POWER, big-time!

: Well, it sure is nice to meet a new Hawkeye fan! Doc M, Gayle & I have pretty much held down the fort, with a bit of help now and again from Chris (who's torn between the two, I think). But WE know the way of it, eh, ladies?

: MMMMarcia

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