Re: Miss Marcia is not co-operating, eh? Magua!

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Posted by The Publicant on July 09, 2000 at 19:14:11:

In Reply to: Re: Miss Marcia is not co-operating, eh? posted by Ros on July 09, 2000 at 18:57:14:

: What? 10 Maguas in one room! Take pour elle!

: Ah, but alas, there can truly be only ONE!

: Ros

Dear Ros,
YOu shall be fined a bottle of blood red wine, a fine fat goose well roasted with honey and oranges, home fries, and home fires...
meaning, for your wanton dreams re. Magua, you have pay me, The Publicant, aka Tax Collector, heavy duty fines!

Send me your cyber pigeon via your bard on the board, to set up appropriate payment terms!

The Publicant of LOTMLand

: : : My Dear Miz Marcia,

: : : Miz Vita has presented herself at my doorstop, crying hysterically, babbling something about The Patriot, and your refusal to divulge its ending.

: : : Her completely gone-south state has softened my usually granite heart. Hereforth I order you to make publik the ending of said Patriot, or I shall confiscate all your fuuuuddggggeeee as well as all your DDL memorabilia and tapes!!!!!

: : : I must add to this that as an added incentive to insure your co-operation, I shall take away Miz PaddleTale and lock her up in a dungeon fit to house 10 Maguas, meaning your old friend Miz PaddleTale shall be history within the next 24 hours unless you deliver the goods to Miz Vita!

: : : So says I, and so shall it be ordained.

: : : The High and Mighty Publicant, aka Tax Collector

: : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : Dear H & M PubbiePerson,

: : *pffffffffffzzzzzzzzzzzztttt!* (Me, making rude noises in your general DI-rection!) Ordained, schmordained, y'all! You can threaten, cajole, wheedle, plead & beg, an' I still won't divulge the ending of The Patriot! Miss Marcia maybe genteel & RE-fined, but she is also a lady of strong character & high principles, which she is willing to die for, if need be!

: : Howsever, having said THAT, just you lay ONE finger on my fuu-uuudge or my DDL collection, and YOU'LL likely be the one meeting an early DE-mise! I'll fight you like a tiger, and Miss Marcia wants you to understand that she's no slouch with a pointy fork! *jab-jab!* You'll RUE the day you start a scuffle with me over my precious treasures!

: : Now, here is Miss Marcia's considered suggestion as to finding out the ending of said movie: GO SEE IT YOUROWNSELF!!!! Suffer along like the rest of us did, Miss! No easy answers for YOU!
: : *haruuuuuuumph!*

: : Now it's back to my Sunday brunch, if you don't mind! I'm making my famous Coddled Eggs a la Alice today...served with the yolks staring blankly about, doncha know! Yum!

: : Bye, y'all!
: : Miss Marcia

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