A late note on the Gathering 2000

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Posted by Jo on July 11, 2000 at 09:54:33:

I have been away with family vacations and things but wanted; if late as it is to post this. If I missed anyone; please be assured, as my photos are developed, I'll remember you.... nothing can beat Dana's recollection of our great weekend; but here's my try:

My sisters and I want to thank all for your great company at the Gathering; and we sure enjoyed each and every one of you we got to meet!

To Marcia; thanks for all of the work you do to organize things; it did show. Good to see you again.
Kate; thanks for the chance to help Ariel. It was a pleasure to help out with the cabin....
Dana, good to meet you! Too much like us; got to know A LITTLE about the finger weaving..and would have loved to see you running back through Linville Falls....that was something...
Donna, thanks for the syrup; as usual, good to see a sister again.
Dar.....glad you made it and to the top of the world; guess Dar’s stop is a thing of the past..
Beth, didn’t get much time (no down time!!!!) to talk to you but glad you could make it.
Jennifer; glad you could make it for the time you were there; good to see you
Alamo Alma and Pilgrim Penny; what can I say; Alma is a true trooper that I hope to copy you as I hike and hike and hike....great to see you also, Penny.
Goody Sandy, with the GREAT posts! Wish I had more time to talk to you....but always on the move. Glad to see you.
Ayesha, Collin and Summer; as always, the smiles were the biggest plus; Collin; I wish I could strike such a figure walking up to the Pavilion....do you have an iron for your clothes or what?? Summer, let us know about your birth...you have a big family here just waiting...
As with Jeff and Caitlin; SOOOOO HAPPY you guys could make it!!!! what a plus! sooo good to see you both again! And again, let us know of the birth; the big family here is waiting.....
I know John Evans and family don't have internet; but I sure did enjoy his display of props and stuff; thanks to you. Hello to Linda and Kelli....
Clabert; what a treat, to meet you; thought about you and your "minimal" back packing stuff; wish the hubby would listen....(what is the update on the wife??? We ALL want to know....)
Ahhhh, Mr. Bill...after all of this time, what can I say!!!! (Betty, glad you could attend; nice meeting you both!) thank you soooo much for bringing the "template" for the Killdeer rifle; I really enjoyed seeing it...and to meeting you both
Dave and Darla; as always, a pleasure to see you guys
Len and Gwen; well, great music but I like my LOTM better!!! Ha, Ha!
Vincent and Debbie; good to have known you; see you next time, ok???
We'll caravan again up to Chimney Rock...
to Martha and Bertha, what a treat to have two to confuse us! And what smiles; second only to Ayseha and Summer!......glad you two could attend and glad to have met you!
Stephanie, did you buy all of the tickets to the raffle!!!! Good on you! What a nice person....
Adele, thanks again for the Gunners tee shirt; already nicely tucked away with my Gunners scarf’s......my hubby even liked it! Here’s to August; even though Watford won’t be on our screen....
So nice to meet you.
Jay, Not the quiet man at all if you get to know him; and I'm still looking......watch that knock on the head (And the FFF French team won the Eruo 2000!!!))))) More patches on the backpck next time....
Melody, Kathleen and Ariane, what a trio; Ariane, you are a real
sport. Glad to have known you.
Dan (boytoy) and Yolanda....after all of the emails....wish I had more time to talk with you....good to meet you. You were the smart one to sit out the walk up Chimney Rock as we all got "sopping wet"...
Eric: what can I say; still glad I can call you a friend after all of these years;
and Sharon! What a marriage proposal!!!!! Was so happy for you! a true sister in spirit; glad to be there.
OH, missed Rich and Elaine without whom the event would not have been there.....a great day seeing Michael...(something up your sleeve???? I THINK sooooo!)thank you again and again...
Laura and Christie: good to meet you both; good to meet the long last Kiki!!!
Karen and JJJJJJaaaayne: finally got the name right! Good to talk to you and thanks, on behalf of Kate for the dontation to Areil’s cabin!
Amanda and Tabitha and Barbara, (I think); nice talk at the Pavilion; glad you could attend....my son’s class at school started watching the LOTM movie; but had to shut it off as one student mentioned it was an “R” movie and the teach had no permission slips; as if what they would see in the movie would be any different in real life in a big city....
Mary and Rob: what great room-mates! couldn’t have asked for better; MUCH more quiet than we were in the cabin!! (Actually , way too quiet; but what a great couple!)
Sarah Z. and Mark: hey what can I say; good to see you both again; as usual; we will meet again this fall, no matter how far no matter how long....great lunch, eh! (and the program guide; perfect, as usual, thanks for all of your work....)
Ceclia; as always, what can I say; five words (or is this the wrong movie): Damm glad to know you; glad YOU won the “prize” even if Mary nearly took it from you...
Glad we had the time in SF; really enjoyed seeing you again in NC. (And really neat cabins.....)
Ann and Bill; great costumes; great attitude; even Bill “hacked and wacked” our way out of the top of the rock; only he didn’t like the hack and whack name; .......but it did the job!
Thanks for bringing together Barby and Bare foot Barret to our last evening....
Stan and Terri: good talking to you before the movie; glad to meet you; (hint; you were to be our roomies; at first, you were: Stan the Man; so you were already famous to us before we met you.......) (Terri, take heart, we are always joking....)
Ros, (Not Roz, as my other friend is called!!) Hey, let’s get Magua next time; !!! I am sure you can swing it!.... Good to see you! Very good!
Mr. Hawkins, what would we do without you and your period costume, or as Mary always wanted to ask: what do we call these guys: re-inactors; period actors; etc. Glad to meet and greet you agian.
Jo:;; how many Gatherings have two Jo’s???? good to meet you ; hope you had a good time....
Stephanie; what a smile; what questions!......Hope they are answered....And your hair NEVER got wet!!!! Or looked that way.....
Connie; did you survive the party house!!!!! I guess so; hope you had a good time!
Susan; good to see you again;
Ilse; always good to see another sister; glad to meet and greet you again....and still the same after all of these years....
And, Mark, son Nathan and friend Eric; such nice people; Nathan, great costume! You are in good company wrearing it! Thanks again, Mark, for helping out at the raffle....
Debra, didn’t get to talk to you much; maybe you’re the lucky one!

so that's it; another year gone; where did the time go!
So happy to have seen all of my friends and meet the new ones...


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