Re: A late note on the Gathering 2000

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Posted by Adele on July 11, 2000 at 16:45:45:

In Reply to: A late note on the Gathering 2000 posted by Jo on July 11, 2000 at 09:54:33:

: I have been away with family vacations and things but wanted; if late as it is to post this. If I missed anyone; please be assured, as my photos are developed, I'll remember you.... nothing can beat Dana's recollection of our great weekend; but here's my try:

: My sisters and I want to thank all for your great company at the Gathering; and we sure enjoyed each and every one of you we got to meet!

: To Marcia; thanks for all of the work you do to organize things; it did show. Good to see you again.
: Kate; thanks for the chance to help Ariel. It was a pleasure to help out with the cabin....
: Dana, good to meet you! Too much like us; got to know A LITTLE about the finger weaving..and would have loved to see you running back through Linville Falls....that was something...
: Donna, thanks for the syrup; as usual, good to see a sister again.
: Dar.....glad you made it and to the top of the world; guess Dar’s stop is a thing of the past..
: Beth, didn’t get much time (no down time!!!!) to talk to you but glad you could make it.
: Jennifer; glad you could make it for the time you were there; good to see you
: Alamo Alma and Pilgrim Penny; what can I say; Alma is a true trooper that I hope to copy you as I hike and hike and hike....great to see you also, Penny.
: Goody Sandy, with the GREAT posts! Wish I had more time to talk to you....but always on the move. Glad to see you.
: Ayesha, Collin and Summer; as always, the smiles were the biggest plus; Collin; I wish I could strike such a figure walking up to the you have an iron for your clothes or what?? Summer, let us know about your have a big family here just waiting...
: As with Jeff and Caitlin; SOOOOO HAPPY you guys could make it!!!! what a plus! sooo good to see you both again! And again, let us know of the birth; the big family here is waiting.....
: I know John Evans and family don't have internet; but I sure did enjoy his display of props and stuff; thanks to you. Hello to Linda and Kelli....
: Clabert; what a treat, to meet you; thought about you and your "minimal" back packing stuff; wish the hubby would listen....(what is the update on the wife??? We ALL want to know....)
: Ahhhh, Mr. Bill...after all of this time, what can I say!!!! (Betty, glad you could attend; nice meeting you both!) thank you soooo much for bringing the "template" for the Killdeer rifle; I really enjoyed seeing it...and to meeting you both
: Dave and Darla; as always, a pleasure to see you guys
: Len and Gwen; well, great music but I like my LOTM better!!! Ha, Ha!
: Vincent and Debbie; good to have known you; see you next time, ok???
: We'll caravan again up to Chimney Rock...
: to Martha and Bertha, what a treat to have two to confuse us! And what smiles; second only to Ayseha and Summer!......glad you two could attend and glad to have met you!
: Stephanie, did you buy all of the tickets to the raffle!!!! Good on you! What a nice person....
: Adele, thanks again for the Gunners tee shirt; already nicely tucked away with my Gunners scarf’ hubby even liked it! Here’s to August; even though Watford won’t be on our screen....
: So nice to meet you.
: Jay, Not the quiet man at all if you get to know him; and I'm still that knock on the head (And the FFF French team won the Eruo 2000!!!))))) More patches on the backpck next time....
: Melody, Kathleen and Ariane, what a trio; Ariane, you are a real
: sport. Glad to have known you.
: Dan (boytoy) and Yolanda....after all of the emails....wish I had more time to talk with you....good to meet you. You were the smart one to sit out the walk up Chimney Rock as we all got "sopping wet"...
: Eric: what can I say; still glad I can call you a friend after all of these years;
: and Sharon! What a marriage proposal!!!!! Was so happy for you! a true sister in spirit; glad to be there.
: OH, missed Rich and Elaine without whom the event would not have been there.....a great day seeing Michael...(something up your sleeve???? I THINK sooooo!)thank you again and again...
: Laura and Christie: good to meet you both; good to meet the long last Kiki!!!
: Karen and JJJJJJaaaayne: finally got the name right! Good to talk to you and thanks, on behalf of Kate for the dontation to Areil’s cabin!
: Amanda and Tabitha and Barbara, (I think); nice talk at the Pavilion; glad you could son’s class at school started watching the LOTM movie; but had to shut it off as one student mentioned it was an “R” movie and the teach had no permission slips; as if what they would see in the movie would be any different in real life in a big city....
: Mary and Rob: what great room-mates! couldn’t have asked for better; MUCH more quiet than we were in the cabin!! (Actually , way too quiet; but what a great couple!)
: Sarah Z. and Mark: hey what can I say; good to see you both again; as usual; we will meet again this fall, no matter how far no matter how long....great lunch, eh! (and the program guide; perfect, as usual, thanks for all of your work....)
: Ceclia; as always, what can I say; five words (or is this the wrong movie): Damm glad to know you; glad YOU won the “prize” even if Mary nearly took it from you...
: Diana,
: Glad we had the time in SF; really enjoyed seeing you again in NC. (And really neat cabins.....)
: Ann and Bill; great costumes; great attitude; even Bill “hacked and wacked” our way out of the top of the rock; only he didn’t like the hack and whack name; .......but it did the job!
: Thanks for bringing together Barby and Bare foot Barret to our last evening....
: Stan and Terri: good talking to you before the movie; glad to meet you; (hint; you were to be our roomies; at first, you were: Stan the Man; so you were already famous to us before we met you.......) (Terri, take heart, we are always joking....)
: Ros, (Not Roz, as my other friend is called!!) Hey, let’s get Magua next time; !!! I am sure you can swing it!.... Good to see you! Very good!
: Mr. Hawkins, what would we do without you and your period costume, or as Mary always wanted to ask: what do we call these guys: re-inactors; period actors; etc. Glad to meet and greet you agian.
: Jo:;; how many Gatherings have two Jo’s???? good to meet you ; hope you had a good time....
: Stephanie; what a smile; what questions!......Hope they are answered....And your hair NEVER got wet!!!! Or looked that way.....
: Connie; did you survive the party house!!!!! I guess so; hope you had a good time!
: Susan; good to see you again;
: Ilse; always good to see another sister; glad to meet and greet you again....and still the same after all of these years....
: And, Mark, son Nathan and friend Eric; such nice people; Nathan, great costume! You are in good company wrearing it! Thanks again, Mark, for helping out at the raffle....
: Debra, didn’t get to talk to you much; maybe you’re the lucky one!

: so that's it; another year gone; where did the time go!
: So happy to have seen all of my friends and meet the new ones...

: Jo


Good to have you back with us Jo!! Football season right around the corner.....will keep you posted on Watford results (whether you like it or not!!!!)


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