Re: in defense of gnomes and happy gardening!

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Posted by Christina on July 14, 2000 at 22:33:16:

In Reply to: Re: Gnomies and defense of gnomes! posted by Adele on July 14, 2000 at 13:18:05:

: : : : : : : In a right ol' 'high dudgeon'!!
: : : : : : : Kate.

: : : : : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : : : : As well you SHOULD be, Miss! And I'm right there with you! *Harrrrrruuuuuuuuumph!!* No Gnomes, indeed!! Don't they understand that to gnome them is to love them?? Don't they realize there's no place like gnome??? Haven't they heard that gnome is where the heart is??

: : : : : : WHADUP wid this group??

: : : : : : Color Me Highly Indignant on Behalf of All Gnomelings Everywhere!

: : : : : : MMMMarcia

: : : : :
: : : : : (Just thought I would try to beat them to the draw!)
: : : : : No gnomes? The very idea! I think I'll go out and buy a few just to spite them!

: : : : Why those ungrateful sob's. WHO do they think they have to THANK for the lush garden growth they would ban us from! Why,
: : : : I'm so mad I could spit. Those philistines will soon feel the wrath of Gnomedom! I have chartered two 747's and filled all seats with loyal brothers from the union, and we shall soon see about that kettle of fish. We shall form a picket line, and I gar-un-tee you they shall have PLENTY of dirt to plant their steenking high falutin' pansies in when we all go to a'kicking.
: : : : *mumbling and cursing under breath*. AND, for good measure I will be sure to enter their Gnome-free enclave and PI-S on each and every flower they got on display. You ain't NEVER seen a dead plant until a gnome has peed on one.

: : : : Lemme at 'em!!!!!!!

: : : : GnomeDome

: : : Well, itís also with high dudgeon that I read about the mistreatment of the fair Garden Gnome! Since the Brit-ish and the French traditionally canít disagree on anything, it seems that that also extends to this fair garden or-nament. Please peruse the article below, about a very special show in Gay Par-eee....

: : : PARIS - Garden gnomes - 2,000 of them! - are sprouting at the Jardins
: : : de Bagatelle, the 24-hectare pleasure garden within the Bois de
: : : Boulogne. A huge beer-bellied gnome in blue bathing trunks waves a
: : : greeting from Bagatelle's 18th-century ch‚teau, others occupy a raft on
: : : one of the ponds or emerge from impeccable greensward. It is as if Walt
: : : Disney's Dopey and Happy have taken over the enchanting landscape
: : : and it has made many garden lovers distinctly Grumpy.

: : : The gnomes, on view until mid-July, are confined to the area around the garden.
: : : . Elsewhere, the head gardener Alain Woisson has, as usual,
: : : scattered his early spring plantings of hyacinths, daffodils, scilla and tiny
: : : tulips - fresh, tender and an especially poignant sign of renewal after the
: : : December storm that felled 400 of Bagatelle's finest trees. ''After the
: : : storm I was in mourning, but you have to get over that somehow,''
: : : Woisson says.

: : : The Association des Amis de Bagatelle, which helps raise funds with
: : : such events as the superb Henry Moore show in 1992 and the sculptures
: : : by Claude and Francois-Xavier Lalanne in 1998, expected at least a
: : : minor tempest when they suggested garden gnomes to Woisson. ''I said,
: : : Why not? A garden has to be rich and amusing and pleasant.''

: : : This is France's first major garden-gnome show, and in addition to the
: : : familiar, exuberently vulgar plastic figures, there are a historical exhibition
: : : tracing the tradition to ancient Egypt, trendy offerings by Philippe Starck
: : : (they serve as stools in his latest hotel) and two in aluminum by Jeff
: : : Koons. A pointed gnome cap has been designed for sale by Christian
: : : Lacroix.

: : : Garden gnomes are a social phenomenon, the perceptibly defensive
: : : press release says; they are loved by their owners and, contrary to
: : : expectation, are collected by all social classes. In fact, the press release
: : : suggests with hope, they are the latest snobisme. ''For the French they
: : : were a joke, but now they see they are not in bad taste,'' says the
: : : curator, Laurent Le Bon. ''They are benevolent spirits who bring
: : : sunshine,'' he adds as a final argument in a wet month.

: : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : Well, thanks for that, Christina!

: : Well, I don't know as the British and French are always in agreement *discreet little cough, here!) but, certainly the Scots and French entered into what was called 'The Auld Alliance' and it is still valid as far as I know. However, one can never really tell, for the French are certainly 'a breed apart ...'

: : And does one take it from this article that the French Trader will now be adding a line of 'gnomes' to his considerable inventory of merchandise?? (I had thought that the slave trade was at an end?) but perhaps he and Gnomedome are discussing 'terms and conditions' even as we speak!! Great!! I could do with a 'little someone' to 'do' my garden for me!!

: : Thanks to all my Gathering preparations, I had no time for my garden and it has run riot to the point where it is now so overgrown, for all I know, Hawkeye et al hunt elk in there!! (Well, one can dream ... *sigh*)

: : Kate.

: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: OOOOOO!! Now thats the best reason I have ever had for not doing the weeding!!!

: Adele

Gnome Dome, if you're charterin' that plane, ye might want to stop off in Dublin while you're at it. I have some close acquaintances in the leprechaun community that would like to aid you in your righteous battle...

and miss Kate, although I suffer from numerous pollen-related allergies, trust me, if you should find Hawkeye in your garden, I will humbly pop enough Claritin to keep me until 2004, spend my last cent and fly over to your garden to present myself your most humble groundskeeperess for as long as you possibly could need me. Although I can't guarantee how much work'll get done.....:-)


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