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Posted by Rich on July 17, 2000 at 12:18:27:

In Reply to: Re: The Verdict Is In On The DVD ... ?? posted by MMMMarcia on July 17, 2000 at 08:36:47:

Weellllllllllllllllllllllll .... I just KNEW there'd be no need to provide the commentary ... just the facts. Thanks, MMMM, for providing the color ... OFF AS IT WAS!!! :)

Now, remember, I am among the 64%. I saw it that way then, I see it ... well, you know how that goes ...

BUT, if I WERE to analyze these stats, knowing full well one could stretch them to prove anything they wanted ... (ie: was the American Civil War about States Rights or Slavery? Yep. You CAN prove either point of view with these stats. Try it! Or, was Custer a Hero or Buffoon ... or something else inbetween? You CAN prove it with these MP stats! Or, more to the subject, who is a bigger hunk, Hawkeye, Uncas, or ... or ... ANYONE? ... You CAN prove it with these stats!) ...

Still, one way to look at this would be: Even though the majority (I could use the adjective "overwhelming," but then I'm SURE I'd have to answer to one Miss Katie! Will leave it simply "majority.") received the new version positively, it could be argued that 64% is a pretty small number when one considers that a Director's Cut is usually geared for a targeted audience. One already pre-disposed to liking the film. (Now ... is that a correct assumption? Kate? Marcia? Anyone?) Given that, one might think that the percentage would be larger in favor of the film ... Of course, too, the figures are probably skewed a bit downward when you factor in a few "prank" negatives. Why in the world did we put the choice "Wish it were never made" in there, anyway? On the other hand, maybe it's padded upwards, as this audience is probably pro-"The Last of the Mohicans." Right? BUT, maybe THEIR expectations were too high ... perhaps, amongst a more temperate group, the DVD would rate HIGHER. Go figure.

I would have to think, though, that based on these figures ALONE, 64% would be a rather disappointing number to Michael Mann. And that is MY color on the facts!

: : It's now reached 100 votes, our DVD-related visitor poll, that is. I guess that's a fairly representative sample ... it's also easy to do the math, so ...

: : Very Satisfied (48) 48%
: : Somewhat Satisfied (16) 16%

: : That's 64% who like it.

: : Fairly Neutral (5) 5%

: : Somewhat Disappointed (18) 18%
: : Very Disappointed (10) 10%
: : Wish It Hadn't Been Made (3) 3%

: : That's 31% who didn't!

: : Total Votes: 100

: : Just the facts, please, just the facts ...

: : Still interested? Read our DC Page ... it's got our review (we like it), Michael Mann's opinions (he likes it!), and a newly created guest log for others to record their views (they don't seem to like it so much ...)

: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: It's an UGLY job, having to collect all those facts, ain't it? ;o) To those in the 64% group, I can only say *plllffffffffffzzzzzzt!!!* whilst sticking my thumbs in my ears & waggling my fingers, a la GnomeDome! Followed by a hearty, "Oh, YEAH??? Well, so's yer grandma, my dog's bigger'n YOUR dog, and neener, neener, neener!!!"

: To those in the 31% group, I say, "Thank goodness for reason and sanity! Obviously, WE are a group that's a breed apart but makes EXCELLENT sense!" Ain't it da truth, ain't it da truth!!

: And to those who haven't even WATCHED the thing yet, I say, "SAVE YOURSELF!!! Run away, run awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!" Well, okay, watch it if you must, then weigh in with your valued opinion. Just keep in mind that Group #1 (BAD group! Bad, bad group!!!) is WROOOOONGGGGGG!!! And Group #2 (Intelligent, insightful group!!) is the one you want to belong to. (Well, at least it IS if you don't want MMMM making fun of you and smirking in a superior manner behind your back!!)

: She-Who-Belongs-To-The-Elite-3%!!
: Alias MMMMarcia

: (PS...just for the Humor Impaired amongst us...and dahlings, you KNOW who you are...this is a JOKE. Not to be taken seriously. Except for the part about me belonging to the 3%, of course. LAUGH a bit this morning, if not at this, at something, somewhere. It's good for what ails ye!)

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