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Posted by Bill R on July 18, 2000 at 09:11:21:

In Reply to: Re: History Lesson/ Hollywood's propaganda posted by Robert F. on July 17, 2000 at 23:07:48:

: hello patriots,

: ok, I've been asked to reveal a little about myself and I will. For starters thats my e-mail up there for those questions and comments.

: And no, I'm not an Englishman from England, just by blood. I'm just a guy that when I was 11 and the teacher said that the British were evil cause they shot those poor people at the Boston Massacre I raised my hand and said "oh really" and I got a book from the school library and found my teacher stumbling in her words at the sight of truth.

Ahhh....MANY or us have English background. You can't get much more English than Rooks. My forbears came here, I am told, around 1730-1750 and became quite influencial in the southern
area particularly Kentucky. HOWEVER, while I am proud of my English background as well as my Irish/German background, I am not English, Irish or German. I am an AMERICAN. That is how I see myself. And rightly so.

: My article was to combat the standard mentality of "we are so good, they are so bad. "

Old son, we don't need another voice to do that. There are all too many willing to do it...within and without this country.
And they are often the ones who benefitted most from the society they criticise.

:And since your ancestors fought for Georgie Washington I see where your reactions are coming from, but mine were with the King, in the beginning we all were, but mine remained. We didn't secede cause of petty taxes that were imposed on us [which were recalled anyway] We came from the Kings sovereign land and we fought for it when threatened.

Many came "from the King's sovereign land" because they had been indentured and transported due to debts and taxes in England.
A simple infraction of civil law, if you were poor, could result in you and your entire family being put on a ship and sold into indenture in America. Many others came because they were oppressed in some way or dispossessed by the English - Scots and Irish particularly. When they finally gained their freedom after years of servitude, they were understandably reluctant to accept the same treatment in the new land.

:Too bad 4 other countries came to the rescue of the colonists. Would have been quite a sight to see everyone speak the King's English other then the many of branches of English made today like Ebonics. Oh well history is history, I'm just trying to bring a little light to the other side of the story.

Too bad? Too bad you say? I must ask the question....ARE you actually an American? Do you actually live here? For you surely seem to not like being one.

Bill Rooks
English too, but AMERICAN by birth, choice, and grace of God.

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