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Posted by MMMMarcia on July 18, 2000 at 11:35:50:

In Reply to: Re: History Lesson/ Hollywood's propaganda posted by Christina on July 18, 2000 at 10:43:34:

Christina writes:
: Here here to what Adele says about the "blood thicker than citizenship" thing. One of the most destructive things going on in this country is the growing tendency of everybody to separate themselves into little groups of "this-" or "that-" American. You won't find this in any other country. You won't find Australians, for instance, who originally came from Japan, calling themselves "Japanese-Australians." Truth be told, no matter where everybody came from, we all are just Americans. By acknowledging that bond of citizenship and commitment, that is the only way we can carry on and work together. I'm as proud of my Heinz 57 Celtic-Slavic-German heritage as anybody else, but I identify myself first and foremost as an American. So if you somehow identify yourself as more British than American just because you had people who fought for the Crown, it might be time to consider applying for British citizenship...
: And just a small note on reactions I've heard to "The Patriot." I find it amusing that so many British critics and writers have been foaming at the mouth because their soldiers aren't portrayed as very nice people in this film. Face it guys, it was a war, and in every war there are people who just aren't pleasant people. The evil British general in "The Patriot" is simply a character created to illustrate some of the evil done during the Revolution. How many World War II movies have you seen with a snarling nasty German officer, not based specifically on one guy, but used to personify the general horror that was the Nazi regime? British history has much to be proud of, but there also have been plenty of people mistreated by the English, and I'm sorry, but it happened and there are going to be people who want to portray it on film. I've heard too many complaints about "Braveheart" and "The Patriot" and DDL's films like "In the Name of the Father" being anti-British. No, they aren't specifically anti-British. They are "anti---" whatever particular atrocity or injustice the British were involved in at that period of time. Acknowledging the wrongs of the past as well as the glories is simply part and parcel of learning one's history.


Amen to THAT, Christina! And while we are on the subject of "Movie Villains, History or Hollywood?" would anyone like a list of all the American-made films that portray AMERICANS in a terrible light, during war and otherwise? For just ONE example: it seems to me I've watched so many VietNam War horrors on celluloid that if that were my only frame of reference, I would conclude that all Americans fighting over there were pot-smoking, "Gook"-hating, baby-killing MONSTERS.

No one, not even MEL, is trying to say that the British are vile wretches, bent on the destruction of all that is decent and holy. This was one FICTIONAL story, set at one FICTIONAL moment, LOOSELY based on a few facts, but largely interpreted by story-tellers whose prime objective was providing some head-bashing entertainment, and showing off their hero as a man, Bigger Than Life, fighting Injustices that were More EVIL than Life. That's Hollywood, folks. AND THAT'S THE ART OF STORY-TELLING SINCE TIME IMMEMORIAL.

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