Re: History Lesson/ Hollywood's - to Seamus -Sarajevo--and to good wine!

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Posted by Seamus on July 19, 2000 at 14:14:09:

In Reply to: Re: History Lesson/ Hollywood's - to Seamus -Sarajevo posted by Vita on July 18, 2000 at 15:12:36:

: : :
: : : Hi again, Seamus!
: I just sent you an e mail with some interesting links, including a novel of mine with Sarajevo in the prologue... Sarajevo, Christmas Eve, 1993...
: I was very much involved with this war, once upon a time, and my sympathies and tears and hugs to your Sarajevan friends. If you wish, send them the link I sent you in the e-mail, re. Terra Dolorosa, I think they will see themselves on every page.

: Well, again, the discrimination aspect is due to our humanity... and the gangrape in the hands of British soldiers after they identified the corpse of...
: oh God... what hurt... better yet, give them my e mail too, I'd like to talk to them about that episode.
: It is a fact that Serbs kept Bosnian girls in Bordellos, collected the blood monies of their humiliation, and the best customers (those who PAID, anyway) were the multinational Peace Keepers.
: And my Austrian mother... fluent in 7 languages, proud of being an Austrian with Germanic (actually, Keltic, the Austrians were the forefathers of the Kelts who migrated to the Isle of Erin) roots, refused to say Heil Hitler and was incarcerated and beaten by fellow Austrians. She did not die because another fellow Austrian, this one a pure gentleman officer, risked his life by helping her escape.

: Woooowwwwww! Life is a Grand Opera, yes?
: You said: "I sip Madeira, Port, or Tawny Port from a silver cup!"
: Sounds absolutely intriguing! Tawny Port... what's difference between Port and its Tawny cousin? I don't think I had Port more than once, and do not remember having ventured into the land of Madeira... I will have some guests over this weekend, we will burn candles by the pool, beneath the tall Florida pines, this is our ritual when we do these things for good energy for ourselves and for the world at large, and I fly (ah, not on a broom but a cloud) higher if I am fortified with Turkish Raki (strong, very strong, made of grapes and anisette) and somehow I never get sick from Raki... but this time... I don't know why, I might try one of them drinks...
: so, what say you? Madeira, Port, or Tawny?

: Awaiting the reply to this scientific question of medicinal importance, I remain

: Cordially yours,

: Vita, Sister to Lucy With the Diamonds in The Sky

: :
: : Vita--

: : Ah, yes......the discrimination rears its ugly head! I am intimately familiar with that aspect of "being accepted." You see, we...Nancy, the dark haired lass and myself...have some dear friends, sisters, who grew up in Sarajevo during WWII and eventually ended up here. Both have become quite successful, but they have shared stories I cannot believe about their lives and experiences, from sitting on Mussolini's knee, to the loss of their father to Nazi executioners,to being gang-raped by British...I SAID BRITISH...soldiers, after identifying their father's corpse. Their emigration to the US took awhile, but they have been here years now. They speak 12 languages fluently. One just retired after many years at the Library of Congress. She sits on the International Board of Geographic Names...the body that approves names for mountains, rivers, etc., anywhere in this world that people want to name after whatever or of four people on that Board, BTW. The other is a Trust officer for an New York! Both have been through similar experiences as you in becoming an American. And, had I not known better, I would have sworn it was them writing, rather than you.

: : Oh, yes...We drink rum...dark...sruce beer, which will knock your socks off, and when I portray a Provincial officer (in another impression!) I sip Madeira, Port, or Tawny Port from a silver cup! You are welcome to join me Sarah M./Chauncey did at Ticonderoga recently. I would be honored, Madame....!

: : Seamus

Good afternoon, Vita--

I apologize for taking so long to answer your inquiry about Port and Tawny Port...t'was a busy night last night. I had drill for my troops, getting home late and very tired, and have been busy all day fighting crime and corruption.

Tawny Port is lighter in body and drier in taste than regular port. It is smooth and mellow on the rocks or at room temperature, it is for cocktails or for after dinner. Some people do not care for it, although I find it quite pleasing to me. I do believe, though, of the three...madeira, port, or tawny port...I prefer port.

Oh...I have not received the email you sent. Please send it again...I am anxious to see it!

Pax Aye!


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