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Posted by Kate on July 20, 2000 at 20:37:29:

In Reply to: Re: The Verdict Is In On The DVD ... ?? posted by Rich on July 17, 2000 at 12:18:27:

Howdy, Rich,

Sorry to take so long in responding to your post - my computer has been in the process of being 'fixed' for the last week and a bit (the fact there was nothing wrong with it in the first place is irrelevant and has nothing to do with anything!). I bet you thought I'd missed this little gem of statistical hocus pocus?! Ha!

: Still, one way to look at this would be: Even though the majority (I could use the adjective "overwhelming," but then I'm SURE I'd have to answer to one Miss Katie! Will leave it simply "majority.")...

Oh now, am I that bad?!! Would I contradict the great H.H.??? No!!

Okay, I lied! Yes I would!! Well - I just don't *see* it that way! The statistics show me a whole different picture!! So yes - 'leaving it simply majority' IS good!!!

:received the new version positively, it could be argued that 64% is a pretty small number ...

Just by the way, I'm not sure where you get the figure of 64% representing the number of people who 'Like it'. IF I was of a pedantic nature (which I'm not, of course!), I might be tempted to dispute the assumption that 'somewhat satisfied' implied or equalled 'liking it'. Hmmmmm...

when one considers that a Director's Cut is usually geared for a targeted audience. One already pre-disposed to liking the film. (Now ... is that a correct assumption? Kate? Marcia? Anyone?) Given that, one might think that the percentage would be larger in favor of the film ...

Now THIS, I agree with!! :0)

Of course, too, the figures are probably skewed a bit downward when you factor in a few "prank" negatives. Why in the world did we put the choice "Wish it were never made" in there, anyway? On the other hand, maybe it's padded upwards, as this audience is probably pro-"The Last of the Mohicans." Right? BUT, maybe THEIR expectations were too high ... perhaps, amongst a more temperate group, the DVD would rate HIGHER. Go figure.

BUT - on the other hand, maybe the Director's Cut just ... didn't cut it!! On the other hand, just wasn't good enough, maybe?? Well, just another way of looking at it! :0)

Gee, I LOVE 'figures'!!! :0)

(one who liked SOME bits of the new DVD version, disliked other bits - and on the whole, thought it was, oh...

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