Re: The Patriot....the final thought!..Attention All Lurkers...

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Posted by Yengeese Strumpet on July 21, 2000 at 16:03:05:

In Reply to: Re: The Patriot....the final thought!..Attention All Lurkers... posted by GnomeDome on July 21, 2000 at 15:07:21:

: : : :

: : : : ~~Hey, Norm! And hey to ALL lurkers in MohicanLand!

: : : :
: : : : Norm wrote: Though I haven't posted in here in a long while, I have been a lurker every now and then. I may no have the right to post this but I feel I have to.

: : : : ~~This has had me thinking all morning. I'm so surprised you, of all posters, Norm, would ever feel you don't have the right to post. You LOVE the film. You LOVE Alice, right? Look, when I first discovered this site I did the usual delving and exploring for *HOURS*. Then I discovered the board. WOW! MMMMarcia and all the characters immediately grabbed my attention. I was hooked. I was IN LOVE with MohicanLand. I'm not witty, learned or well written, but I was INTERESTED in history, INTRIGUED by the film and WILLING to take a chance. From what I had read, this was about all I needed to qualify as a poster. So I posted. My life will never be the same. SEEEWWWW, all you lurkers and intermittent posters get on the stick and POST! You won't be sorry. Besides, Norm, you have a ponytail. MohicanLand LOOOOOOVES ponytails. BTW, I feel pretty much the same way you do about "The Patriot". It's no LOTM, but it sure was fun!

: : : : Dana S.

: : :
: : : Yep, I have to agree with Dana. This is truly, by far, the coolest place I have ever found on the Internet. I was a "lurker" for only about two days before I decided to jump in and post, and within about five days I felt right at home. Not only was I learning everything about the 18th-century I could ask for, but I had great wacky characters to enjoy, DDL discussions galore, and a bunch of folks even came cheerfully to my aid when I was feeling bad one night. I've been to so many other sites and boards where people made me feel unwelcome or just plain ignored the newbies, so Mohicanland definitely holds a dear place in my heart! Thank you Rich and Elaine, and thanks everybody! One question, somebody HAS to help me find the Red-Haired Lass a job in Mohicanland. She's been bakin' shortbread for Miss Marcia till her arms ache, but she needs to start gettin' out of the cottage sometime...

: : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: :
: : My dear lass - now you must KNOW that there is most certainly a boudoir here at the House of Hoo-Haa if you are looking for an Always on the look-out for hard working girls!

: : Of course, if this is not up your street (corner) then how about using your baking skills and opening up a tea-shoppe? Or we ladies could do with a seamstress in town - I know that my dear cousin Eclair had a dreadful mishap with some of her frilly garments, apparently, one of her Parisian gentleman friends got a little ......ahem.....excited and, well, there was some rending and shredding involved. Ah well, just a couple of ideas for you.

: : Lucie, Yengeese Strumpet

: Good God, Strumpet. She said she was baking shortbread NOT raking in the money on the SHORTBED!!! Just because you peddle your crumpets doesnt mean she's of the ilk who would join you in your particular profession!!! God, what are you, some kind of bawdy house vampire? Won't rest until every human female is CHARGING for it?????

: Now Doc Mary, she gives it away freely and often....course you gotta be a dim-witted muscular Huron.....or awful ripply in the pecs etc, but she seems to be quite hospitable with her wares!

: Seems to me serving wench would be a good idea though, given Mohicanland Mama's idea. We could always use another attractive wench in Bumppo's, especially one who has already learned how to throw a man out of her life, or out of her tavern!

: GnomeDome


Ah Billy Gnome, you wouldn't be suggesting that I am not hospitable now, would you? And there was me considering offering small discounts to small people......well, when that rash clears up, anyway. As you well know, I am the epitome of generosity and most definitely the 'hostess with the mostess'!

Having said that though, I do agree that the lovely red-haired lass would make a very fine 'wine wench' down at Bumppos.

Yours 'generously'

Lucie Lastick, The Yengeese Strumpet

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