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Posted by Vita on July 21, 2000 at 20:03:48:

In Reply to: Re: The Patriot....the final thought!..Attention All Lurkers... posted by GnomeDome on July 21, 2000 at 11:18:16:

: : : : : :

: : : : : : ~~Hey, Norm! And hey to ALL lurkers in MohicanLand!

: : : : : :
: : : : : : Norm wrote: Though I haven't posted in here in a long while, I have been a lurker every now and then. I may no have the right to post this but I feel I have to.

: : : : : : ~~This has had me thinking all morning. I'm so surprised you, of all posters, Norm, would ever feel you don't have the right to post. You LOVE the film. You LOVE Alice, right? Look, when I first discovered this site I did the usual delving and exploring for *HOURS*. Then I discovered the board. WOW! MMMMarcia and all the characters immediately grabbed my attention. I was hooked. I was IN LOVE with MohicanLand. I'm not witty, learned or well written, but I was INTERESTED in history, INTRIGUED by the film and WILLING to take a chance. From what I had read, this was about all I needed to qualify as a poster. So I posted. My life will never be the same. SEEEWWWW, all you lurkers and intermittent posters get on the stick and POST! You won't be sorry. Besides, Norm, you have a ponytail. MohicanLand LOOOOOOVES ponytails. BTW, I feel pretty much the same way you do about "The Patriot". It's no LOTM, but it sure was fun!

: : : : : : Dana S.

: : : : : Ah! The infamous, ubiquitous double post! It happens to us all. That will illustrate what happens when you post prior to your required two cups of coffee.

: : : : : GnomeDome

: : : : Maybe it WAS the lack of coffee, Gnomie. Are you sure it's not an indication of GGGG? I was hoping to qualify for this most exclusive MohicanLand Society. Maybe next year...

: : : : Dana S.

: : : : Dana S.

: : : Dana, Dana, Dana. As much as I would love to have you join our elite club, why rush things. Being a member means you have limited membership remaining in life ya know. Besides, I already told you that you don't meet the requirements just yet.
: : : You have to have some grey in your hair, have to have things dropping and sagging where they shouldnt, have to fart uncontrollable every time you stand up or sit down, have a growing list of food restrictions, have to take so many pills you need a pillbox to sort them out, have to have a doctor OTHER THAN a GP you see regularly, exlax and imodeum becomes a part of your daily prescription intake, need major ironwork in order to hold tatas up, and Michelin has a special order from you for rubberized restrainer to keep belly/butt within bounds. I'm sorry, you just don't seem to have any of those qualifications.
: : : Besides which, you were a babe in your wenching outfit, and babe just somehow doesn't seem to qualify you for this club. When they start saying things like "she's a cute old thing" or "I'm kinda fond of that old fart", or "I'll bet he/she was good looking 20 years ago......well then you might be ready.

: : : GnomeDome

: : GNOme!!!!!!
: : So what if my belly button is touching my knees and my back is riddled with love handles and when the cellulite on my thighs shakes and trembles and rock'n'rolls, you'd wish you'd lived in CALM CALIFORNIA WITH FAR LESS SHAKES THAN NEAR ME.
: : But hey, am i complaning????
: : No!@!!
: : Being a GGGGGGG qualified you for the survivor award, Gray Gorgeous Award, FABULOUS FIFTY award (of course I will never reveal when I enter sixty, henceforth I shall forever remain FABULOUS FIFTY.)

: : So, Gnomie, I expect a post from you glorifying GGGGGG-state, not thrashing it!!

: : Or man, you are history, you are bUTTER!!

: Vita,

: *creak poot -standing up*

: Oh yeah! Well I was speaking of myself dear. I wasn't trashing 50+ I was merely describing MY day. And old Doc Mary described it even better!

: You seem miiiigggghhhtttyyy sensitive about being GGGG (for those who don't know there are various definitions but one is Geritol Gulping Gramps and Grannies).

: Did I say "Hey Dana, you dont want to rush in being an old fart like Vita"? Or "When your cellulite content matches Vita's we will issue you your GGGG membership card"? Nope. I don't even picture you as GGGG. I picture you as this mysterious, alluring, middle-eastern/middle-atlantic mix of femininity.
: So there!

: *creak poot - sits back down*

: GnomeDome

DearGnome Dome

I just came back from a very nice evening out with my Turkish friends, Maestro Tarik Bulut and his wife, Frances. Tarik Bey cooked to the high heavens, and I had kofte (Turkish hamburgers, but smaller and more delicious), shish kebab,baklava, LIONS'S MILK aka Raki, good music and good friends.
Hey, I forgive you, yes yes I am indeed this mysterious Middle Eastern Keltic GGGGG Goddess of the Thousand Veils,
And hey, life begins after FIFTY.
Though it has not yet, begun for me, so this means I am only THIRTY FIVE.
aLL i SAID, WAS, my darling Gnomie, don't make us old folks think of ourselves in terms of .. ah-hem... passing gas.
You are a sweetheart, gnomie, and next year, at the Great LOTM Affaire of 2001, I will make you blush .... from all the kisses you're gonna get from me. And yup, I do wear red lipstick, so you can go around in gnomeland with all this kisses smacked around your little gnome head for all and sundry to witness.

Take care Gnomie and Live in Love Light and Laughter!!!

Vita, a lady for all seasons

Wow, how's that for a GGGGGGG????

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