Re: The Patriot....the final thought! Not hardly!...And Mission Impossible2

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Posted by GnomeDome on July 24, 2000 at 11:44:48:

In Reply to: Re: The Patriot....the final thought! Not hardly!...And Mission Impossible2 posted by Doc M on July 24, 2000 at 10:07:23:

: : : : : : Thank you for letting me vent. Now no more about how bad Patriot was. I won't hear of it....

: : : : :
: : : : : : Norm

: : : : : Hi Norm,

: : : : : Don't ever feel like you cannot post here. As far as I am concerned you are a "veteran" on the board :))) There is nothing wrong with lurking at all.... I do a lot of that too nowadays.

: : : : : However I have one issue with your post. You have all been discussing this movie because you saw it. Over here, in Holland, it has not even reached the cinemas yet. It seems like you want to call this the final thought. But, if (and that is a huge IF!) I somehow decided to see it after all, does that mean I cannot give an opinion anymore; since the discussion seems to be closed.... ?

: : : : : Ilse

: : : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : : Guess you and I will have to start a whole new conversation about the movie fairly soon, Ilse - It has only just opened here, and I haven't seen it either. No fair! Stamping foot!

: : : : Adele
: : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>

: : : Nope, it ain`t over by a long shot. I~ve been silent on this subject and now it`s my turn. First of all, my wife is a big movie critic and she really didn`t want to see another leather clad hero shootin and killin his way thru a boring movie. Well, let me tell ya, she sat there with tears in her eyes and her mouth opened and when it was over, she stood up and yelled "re-wind it and play it again!" And even being the stickler for historical authenticity that I am, I have to agree with her. It is now my favorite movie, next to LOTM. Yes, we all know it was based in part on several REAL people and several REAL events. So was LOTM. And although Patriot wasn`t perfect, it was very darn close. I saw, alot of what I have read, happening on the screen in just the way I would have imagined it to happen. Remember, they did the best that they could, using the "written" imformation that they have. There are no photos or videos. We, amd Hollywood are not perfect. I`ve never gone to a single reenactment, were everything was 100% correct.
: : : I feel this was just the movie we (reenactors) needed to revive interests in 18th century reenacting. I know several times *I* was ready to grab my musket and join in. So, go see it. Laugh with it. Cry with it. Be moved by it. But most of all, enjoy it.

: : : Clabert

: : ~~~>~~~>~~~>~~~>~~~>

: : Clabert, I gotta hand it to Cyndie! I liked the movie, too, but my tailbone would have dissolved right off if I had remained seated for one more minute! "The Patriot" was definitely a longie.

: : And speaking of leather clad heroes...Did anyone see Mission Impossible 2? Did you notice the similarities in a couple of scenes to scenes in LOTM? Even my husband noticed them right down to the Clannad-like music for the "cliff scene". Maybe T.Cruise, who looks fab with longish hair, is our next Hawkeye and Mr. Woo, the director of MI2, is our next Mann. They both seem to have the knack.

: : Dana S.

: Tom Cruise the next Hawkeye???!! Dana, Dana, Dana. Isn't
: Monday a bad enough day for old C&P-ing Doc M? Now I'm
: going to have keypad marks on my forehead all day from
: banging my head against the keyboard trying to erase that
: horrible image! Doctor Mary's Hawkeye sock puppet would
: do a better job than wee squeaky-voiced Tommy boy! The
: only good thing about such a production would be that
: our ever-burgeoning Gnome Population would finally be
: gainfully employed as extras, and would therefore be
: too busy to leave their tiny buckets of poo on poor,
: long-suffering Doc M's doorstep!!

: Doc M

Sorry Doc. There is no way we would be gainfully employed as extras to a Tom Cruise movie. I hear he doesnt like to act with anybody TALLER than he is!!!

so the poopie stays where it lays.


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