Re: The unenviable fates of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence

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Posted by Bill R on July 27, 2000 at 13:58:06:

In Reply to: Re: The unenviable fates of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence posted by Zapata on July 27, 2000 at 12:58:53:

I am going to stay out of this one. I AM going to stay OUT of this one. *gritting teeth*.

I do need to ask ONE question though.......WHY is it of ALL the nations involved in the history of this continent, and in the history of the world, WE are the ONLY ones slammed all the time?
It would be considered impolite if somebody, in discussing the Hessian soldiers of Rev War "reminded" us of what the Nazis did in Europe at every stinking opportunity. Or how Poland, Norway, Sweden, Holland, South Africa, Chekosolovia, Hungary, and many other countries had willing enlistments forming as divisions of the Waffen SS.

Don't get me wrong...our system of government is founded on the principle of never taking your eyes off the politicians and of quesitoning everything. Not only is that a right of ours, it is a duty, since if we stop in our duty, we deserve the oppression that could result.

However, I DO grow weary of some who jump on ANY chance to remind us in this country just how unloved we are, how oppressive, how land hungry, how unjust, how prejudiced, how self serving, how warlike, and how dirty is our historical laundry.

Look people, the whole damn world pretty much owned slaves - or sold their people INTO slavery - yet we Americans are the only ones hammered day in and day out for it. At one time or another nearly every country on this planet has gone to war for more territory, more resources, more wealth usually belonging to its neighbor. EMPIRES were formed. Do I need to list them all?
And yet WE are the ones labelled imperialist, warmongering etc etc.

More than that, there are stories of the Sioux raiding down into Apache territory and leaving a trail of their dead back to their own. Uhhhhh....WHY were they down there in the first place? Various Sioux tribes owned quite a bit of the plains taken together and did not much like folks using that land for any purpose without a by-your-leave. The Iroquois were an Empire, pure and simple. So were the Huron. Many small and relativley unknown tribes no longer exist purely due to conquest of more warlike and better organized tribes.

When did it get to be unremarkable if a person waved the flag of Holland, or Germany, or England or name any damn country you want, but if an American takes pride in his country - he is immediately "reminded" of his contemptible history and behavior?

Every time one of these discussions comes up, I wait for the classic epithet to emerge - that we are yankee imperialist running dogs and air pirates.

Why doesnt somebody ask why the Soviets needed all that land in the USSR, most of it barely populated, and also ask while they are at it, how they could maintain their domination of it through such terroristic means in good conscience, and yet be proud of being Soviet?

Or why doesnt somebody ask aren't we, and shouldn't we, be afraid now that Germany has been reunited? After all, look at what they did the last time to the human race.

Why? Because it would be argumentative, impolite, and asking for heated words from those people. And it would be out of context for any discussion of the French and Indian War, the Rev War, or the movie or that period of history.

So I ask again, WHY must we be required to take these cheap shots at every opportunity? KNEW I couldn't keep my mouth shut on this one.

Bill R

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