Re: The unenviable fates of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence

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Posted by Doc M on July 27, 2000 at 16:32:15:

In Reply to: Re: The unenviable fates of the men who signed the Declaration of Independence posted by Elaine on July 27, 2000 at 15:33:24:

: : Ah, passion! Bill, my friend, you have it and it livens up things, no? It's good that you did not stay out of it. Remember, it is also one of our rights to speak our minds, is it not? And after all, NOT saying something about what we don't agree with is the same as agreeing with it!
: : With regards to the question of "WHY.....(about everything)?" I respond with this:
: : 1. The reason why the US has a permanent bulls-eye on it is because the US has the habit of telling the rest of the world that it is better, more enlightened, more democratice than everybody else; that it is a "City Upon A Hill," a shining example of what a country is supposed to be like. After all, the US is the self-appointed "big-brother" of the world, and everybody just loves it when big brother blows it. It's the whole hypocrite thing; kinda like Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Baker, Newt Gingrich, Bill Clinton, and literally everybody else employed in Congress.
: : 2. As for why don't we talk about other countries...Well, I do. What so many governments have done to other populations and their OWN populations is deplorable.
: : 3. I guarantee you France is peeing in their pants because of German unification. Maybe everybody's hoping for a kindler, gentler Deutschland? Personally, I'd start to worry about the Chinese as far as what they've got up their sleeves. It also amazes me that so many people are willing to give them preferred trade nation status despite what THEY do to their people as well.
: : 4. Don't forget that a lot of people still like pointing the finger at good 'ol England as far as their imperialism as well. I mean, they still have one heck of a little fight going on in Northern Ireland. Israel gets it as well. Don't be surprised if a few weeks from now we're watching live coverage of the latest Iraeli-Palestinian war. And what about Mexico? Heck, their still out in the jungles trying to wipe out the Zapatistas who simply want a fair shake and the opportunity to live their lives without fearing that the army will show up one night and wipe them out--that is unless NAFTA wipes'em first. And let us not forget the former-Soviet Union, now represented by the Russia who is still out there in Chechnya trying to "convince" the people of Chechnya that it is so much better to be a part of Russia than be independent. "Whew!"

: : I guess what I'm trying to say is that the US isn't the only country blowing it out there in the world. BUT, it seems that the US suffers from major historical amnesia when it comes to when it comes to its own dirty little past; it seems to always point the finger at someone else when THEY do something wrong, but just respond with "let bygones be bygones" when others point THE FINGER right back.

: : It was good "talking" with you; keep the passion!

: : Zapata

: Hey! I agree with your very comprehensive reply (East Timor?)! (Not surprised to see the Zapatistas mentioned, either.) I still maintain the need to discern from individuals' flaws & the political documents/theories created by them DESPITE their mortal ways.

: Glad you spoke up, Bill ...

As you can see, the imperialist running dog Lainey's reply
canceled out Doc M's reply! *hrumphh! hrummph!* As I
was about to say...

Doc M could smell the smoke coming out of Rookian ears
from where she sat! LOL! Mark Twain once said something
along the lines of how when he was 18 he was appalled
at how stupid his father was, and how when he was 21
he was amazed at how much smarter the old man had gotten
in three years. When Doc M was around 18, and just a-picketin'
and a-demonstratin' to beat the band, American history
as a whole appalled her -- nothing but senseless blood,
death, and unjust conquest. History as she had been taught
was all pretense, told to her by dear little old southern
ladies who thought slavery was unfortunate but oh well,
let's look at all this lovely old family silver instead.
As she grew a little older, and wiser, and read histories
with more than one point of view, her mind got a leetle
broader, let us say. She can stand in an 1630's cabin
in Essex, an 1800's cabin in a Harmonist settlement, or
a small 1840's Quaker home in Virginia and see things,
just for a little while, through different eyes.

I was sitting at work reading "Undaunted Courage" the
other day (ps READ IT if you haven't already!!) and
one of my bean-brained co-workers said something along
the lines of "Lewis and Clark were the poster children
of white male imperialism, they oppressed poor Sacagawea,
I thought you were a feminist, how can you read that,
blah blah blah," to which I said, "I'm reading about
a group of incredibly brave men who risked their lives
to travel to the Pacific coast, all so you could sit
on your big flabbly butt and drink Starbucks mocha lattes."
*sigh.* Doc M TRIES to be tactful, but sometimes...*snort!*
So, am I now an America Luv It Or Leave It kind of gal??
Hell, no! But I'm grateful that my thinking has been
blown up from a 4x6 print to an 8x10 glossy! Good on yer,
Billy. We do think a lot alike, and now I'm getting
reeeeally frightened!

Doc M

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