Re: Thought(s) for the Day - especially for Miss Kate & Clabert!!

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Posted by Diana S. on July 27, 2000 at 18:21:31:

In Reply to: Re: Thought(s) for the Day - especially for Miss Kate & Clabert!! posted by MMMMarcia on July 27, 2000 at 17:33:00:

: : : : : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : : : : That`s right. It wasn`t the site of you, but the sound of you that kept us up all night. You, Ma`am, snore like a freight train. :)

: : : : : : Clabert

: : : : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : : : Ummmmmmm...what can I say?....CHOOOOOOO-CHOOOOOOOOOO!! CHUG, CHUG, CHUG, CHUG! If you think it's noisy on the OUTSIDE, you should try listenin' to it from WITHIN!!! ARRRRRRGGGGHHH. I'm always leapin' up outta bed going, "WHAT was THAT??? Oh...*small voice* was just ME again..."

: : : : : Mighty Mohican Mama Mystery TRAIN!!

: : : : : (BTW, I brought earplugs for everyone in the cabin...but no one asked for them. That'll show ya what bein' POLITE does for ya...keeps you awake all night!!)

: : : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : : are not kidding about that sitting bolt upright in bed shouting "what was that?" are you?! I could do without that at 4:45am! Nearly gave me a coronary I can tell you...........don't worry, next time I will DEFINITELY be taking you up on the ear plug offer!

: : : : Adele

: : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~`

: : : Greetings, My Little BedMate!

: : : Not to worry, m'dear...I shall bring along INDUSTRIAL strength, asbestoes-lined EarWads, just for you! (I'll make that ratty ol' French Trader guy use the steenking cheapie pinko commie gauze ones that don't work worth diddly, just for blabbin' to the Immediate World about my pitiful affliction!!!!)

: : : MMMMarcia

: :
: : ~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : Why thank you my friend.....and if it is any consolation to may snore like a freight train, but Clabert snores like a moose on heat. So there you have it.....

: : Adele
: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: Well no wonder there was so danged little sleepin' goin' on in that cabin! What with hot mooses and freight trains chargin' about all night. Now I understand why Dana insisted on sleeping on the back porch, and you finally gave in and joined her! It's a good thing that neither Clabert nor I sleep walk...else my freight train might have made mincemeat of his moose! Urk!


Hi All,

Now I just can't let all this chatter about the Honeymoon cabin "din" go on without a comment. How is it that WELL before our mountain rendezvous, the cabin at THE OTHER END had already been coined the "Party Cabin"? I suspect there must have been some collusion and skull-duggery afoot to take the attention off said NOISEY "Honeymoon Cabin", so that all goings-on might be mistaken for the poor serene, "quiet-time" obeying, early-to-bed, perfectly coordinated nightie-wearing, unsuspecting "Party of Ten" gatherers. Just wait until Cecelia hears about this. Revenge IS one her most frightening qualities and SHE happens to have the reverse problem of the afore mentioned morning person affliction. In fact, on more than one occasion, some "Party Cabin" gatherers were awakened into total befuddlement by overly cheery strains of "Cinderelly, Cinderelly...."

Tsk, Tsk, gals (and guy) should be ashamed! AND I'd make myself aware of C's morning whereabouts come next gathering!


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