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Posted by Vita on July 31, 2000 at 16:22:34:

In Reply to: Re: For all those who ponder the castingof stones posted by Bill R on July 31, 2000 at 13:40:24:

Dear Bill

Here, you said it all:
: Best compensation is to learn from it and not repeat it. YOu begin by recognizing that no one culture, people, race or religion is better than any other and does not deserve power over the others....

This is what I am saying, alas, when you say it in clear plain sentences without some samples, the message does not get through.
I agree with you and Zapata as far as heineous crimes committed by Man against Man, the need to remedy it (in the manner you summed up above), and yes, if it means suing for money, as YOU said, let's go back to the time of Kane and Abel and let's hang Kane, son of Adam and Eve... and Eve... whom men have faulted since time immemorial for offering Adam to eat the fruit of the tree of wisdom, aka the Infamous Apple.
Hey, really, why we are at it, let's sue Eve, too. You see, she was the first female, and the first independently thinking female at that. She knew that God really did not want blind obedience, she figured he was testing her sense of individual, spiritual sovereignty. If she had not taken the Fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and be terribly punished for it by bearing children in pain... Though I do not believe it was God, in person, who doled out the punishment. God, whom we accept as Omni-Potent, Omni-Scient, would not bother to punish his children ... alas,He looked away for a moment and one of Devil's low level hanger-ons did the dirty deed.

I am sorry Zapata that you do not know enough about your parents; you must have your reasons. I do not, and can not know, everything about my parets, either. But I carry their blood in my veins, their hopes and dreams in my soul. Surely, you too, know all about them on a subliminal level.I do hope you can sort out the wheat from the chaff, meaning the good from the bad, and remember them in a manner which gives you love and comfort.

Oh, by the way, Zapata, and I am not being the least facetious, care to help a bunch of Bosnians and Albanians in suing the Serbs for numerous, beastly crimes? And care to help those Serb soldiers (who were pumped up with so much, freely supplied amphetamine and other similar drugs so that they lost most of their human qualities and I would say were forced into committing those crimes) yeah, care to help them sue those powers-in-charge who used them as pawn in their ugly game?

Sorry for any upside down sentences, I am writing this while I am doing million other things and am not concentrating on my grammar....

Take care all of you, find the light and live in love and laughter



: : Dear Zapata....
: : I am reading your posts, and understand that for many reasons, you feel frustrated. Whether I agree with the cause of your frustration, is not important. I am glad you are frustrated because at least you are feeling something, you are not just moseying through life without getting involved.
: : Be that as it may... regarding reparations... hmmm...just let me throw in a monkey wrench here... and understand that I DO NOT MEAN CRIMINALS AND MURDERERS SHOULD NOT BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR DEEDS. I find it quite amusing that we ask of reparations from the reasonably wealthier nations who seems to have a conscience (as compared to some others) for reparations. No one is asking Russia to pay up to Ukrain, or China to Tibet...
: : I know many Chechens who could use plenty reparations from the Russkies. I know Azerbaijanis who would appreciate reparation from Russians and Armenians, and I know Armenians who would like reparation from Turks, Kurds, Russians...
: : Oh, fact is that those hundreds of thousands who died beneath Allied bombs in Dresden, Germany... you know, they were burned alive... elderly women, children, hard working middle aged fathers, mothers, young teens who were forced into the war.... hmmm, in the name of humanity, the Allieds should pay their descendants reparations...
: : Let me give you a true anecdote... my mother (an Austrian) my father (Ottoman, aka Turco/Albanian) were passing through Dresden (fleeing Russians and politicos) in the immediate aftermath of one of the Allieds bombings.... they stopped their truck because they had heard cries from beneath the piles and piles of stones and brick... desperate, heart-wrenching cries for help from two women, a child, and a little further up, of a man, was very distinct, so Mama and Papa tried to move, lift and clear the rubble with barehands... from one end of the block to the other... as they moved and the stones rocked or rolled, more people from beneath, cried out for help ... but my parents could not uncover a single person...they couldn't ... the devastation was toooo big, Mama and Papa were also starving, had not eaten in days... Mama was less than 100 pounds... Papa, who did not know he had diabetes, had a festering bullet wound in his leg, was starving and his vision was dangerously poor due to the diabetes problem which he did not know he had ... so they couldn't help those people, and a new bomb attack began, Mama and Papa did not immediately turn tail and run for SAFETY, they sat on piles of stones facing each other, and cried along with those who were buried alive. In the end, some kind passersby as they were fleeing to bunkers, pulled my parents up and if they hadn't, they would not have married later on and I would not have been born because they would have died right then and there, exploding to tiny bits along with those who had no choice but to die a second time....
: : Yeah, yeah, the descendants of the Dresdener civilians should be compensated too...a lot of them died in the bunkers as well, basement bunkers which suffocated them or burned them alive when the gases swept in...and ditto my parents (should be given reparations) who never forgot those cries 'til the day they died.... and dreamed of them, and wept whenever those desperate cries for help re-echoed in their ears....
: : Oh, did you see Braveheart? OK, it had Hollywood hype, but also, it is a fact that his publicly witnessed tortured death was much more cruel, agonizing, and longer than depicted in the movie. Just for wanting freedom, he was hanged, drawn, his solar plexus cut open etc etc while still alive.
: : OK, the Brits did it to him. But they had assistance by his own Scotsmen, who sold him out. And of course William Wallace is only an example of atrocities committed by the British, or shall we say English, with 'assistance' of others. So, Scotland should sue Britain for reparation. Now, the Scots in turn, attacked British troops, mutilated, burned, etc, and now Britain should sue the Scots. Also, as we know, there was an Inquisition in Europe. The Church ran a wonderful business of torturing, killing thousands of people and profited. OK, let's sue the descendants of the Inquisitors for reparations. Further, Protestants (BTW, I AM a Protestant)burned Papists on the stake,in England. Hey, are you a descendant of a Papist who was barbequed? Let's sue the Church of England for reparation.

: : If you wish, you can pay me and I'll take up the case, for no more than 60 percent of the net reparation paid to you....

: : regards,
: : Vita

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