Re: Happy Hour A Success!

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Posted by Yengeese Strumpet on August 01, 2000 at 05:43:55:

In Reply to: Re: Happy Hour A Success! posted by BillyGnome on July 31, 2000 at 20:02:47:

: : : Sorry to be a few days late with my greetins,' but it's been a hard few days, what with servin' regular customers AND our new customers over at Bumppo's. Many thanks to all of ye for makin' my Wench-Warming party so festive and hospitable. Mrs. O'Reilly says she's rarely seen an evenin' like it. We made so much in tips we're plannin' to make a sizeable donation to the Aging Hurons Home.
: : : Never in my life have I seen an assortment of party food, rangin' from shortbread and fuuuuddge to squirrel fritters and pork! And She Who Tracks, I'm mighty happy Hector is favorin' those chipmunk foot pads. I've got four new strings of chipmunk pelts Dweebie brought over the other night, so if ye're needin' more. By the way, did anyone ever go over to Sheriff Twigg and see about bailin' Dweebie out? I told him to stick with the Cider spritzers I was fixin' him. But no, he has to have a Dewar's shot contest with one of those nice Huron delivery boys...and then all Hades broke loose. And everything else went so well...those two Huron laddies did a right rousin' rendition of "Loch Lomond" with that rather morose British soldier who's always in here moonin' over some woman what left him and ran off into the woods...but I never knew "Loch Lomond" had those extra verses, and mentioned "buggy whips and marmalade..." but I digress...and everyone else was so generous, especially that nice Nathaniel. Seems he finally got a moment off from work to welcome me to town. What a nice back rub...and foot rub...he provides to hard-workin' wenches!
: : : I'd love it if ye'd share yer memories of me Wench-Warmin' Party. I'll compile them in a lovely scrapbook!

: : ~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>

: : Welp, my favorite part was when those three Hurons got up and sang "I Wanna Be Like You" to BillyGnome. You know, right before Doc M made them put their collars back on. I'm a huge fan of Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, myself. I also thought the Tartlettes Two, Lucie and Eclair, did a wonderful Can-Can. They sure do work well together, don't they? I had NO idea legs could do that.

: : There ya go Red. Welcome to Bumppo's and welcome to MohicanLand. Sure is a pleasure to have you!:)

: : Dana S.

: Yes indeedy! It was great! And wasn't that an unexpected surprise that Doc Mary would stand me, BillyGnome, to several drinkypoos? I guess she really was in a snit over her wayward Huron delivery boys, and their attraction to the red haired lass.
: I was really scrambling trying to screw all the table tops back on firmly since Doc M was being so civil to me. Pity I missed the one the four Huron decided to stand on when they did their rendition of "Macho Man". What a tumble they made!!!! What shall we call those four guys(?) anyways.....maybe Mohicanland Village People? I think mayhaps Doc M has been laying about with her whip a bit much....those guys seem to not have all their Y Chromosomes in a row, ifn ya know what I mean......

: Great party though!! And I loved looking down that downright good lookin' Red Haired Lass's lowcut wench gown......when somebody would be willing to lift me up that is....Dang! Being short has it's benefits but THAT ain't one of them.

: BillyGnome


Speaking of loincloths......what do you mean we weren't speaking of loincloths? We are ALWAYS talking of loincloths!

Well, my fave moment is actually when those Hurons took that tumble off the 'tampered with' table. WoooooHooooo! Brought back memories of a certain handsome young fella a'tumblin' over in a certain Huron village, some while back!

Oh, and mustn't forget young Dweebies rendition of 'It's not easy being green' right before he threw up all over Miss Marcia's rhodedendrons. And then of course there was the Fed Family Choir with a slightly classier rendition of 'We are the World' (which of course, with their numbers, they nearly are....!). And one cannot possibly forget (even if one tries) Doc Mary straddling one poor terrified Huron whilst singing a breathy version of......"come on baby light my fire". Incidentally, has anyone seen that Huron since?

Glad to hear the can-can was enjoyed by one and all. Mamselle Eclair, naturally, is the expert in this field, hence my leaving her to do the grand finale solo - that last set of splits resulted in a pulled muscle in an unmentionable area - so had to go for a lie-down. Glad to report that several offers of a healing massage were made, and that they were NOT made by Doc Mary - am grateful for small mercies!

Yours, with hangover and sore bits


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