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Posted by Doc M on August 03, 2000 at 17:48:30:

In Reply to: Intellectual discussions and a crisis... posted by Red-Haired Lass on August 03, 2000 at 17:22:38:

: Well, I must say I'm very pleased at how it's been goin' now that we've converted the front of Bumppo's into the intellectual type coffeehouse setting. The discussions have been mighty impressive, the coffee and cider have been flowin', and the tips have been comin' in! At this rate Mrs. O'Reilly and I will be able to buy the gents at the Aging Hurons Home somethin' grand. Any suggestions? But back to the point...the variety of topics has been amazin', from the aforementioned Platonic discourse to the nature of the recent French-Indian unpleasantness and even some verra interesting musings on the nature of between men and women, courtesy of Doc M. I never knew what a libido was before, did you? Anyway...
: I've got two problems I need help with. One ye think Doc M might be a wee bit upset with me for the foot rubs her Nathaniel has been supplyin' me each day? Ye see, durin' happy hour I explained to him the hard work we do here and he said oh yes, he understood. Seems the lad learned some wonderful muscle-relaxin' techniques growin' up in the frontier, cause you know all the walkin' ye do. Anyway, so he's just been stoppin' by to help me out a wee bit, but I don't know if he's takin' away from his work for Doc M, cause when I saw her passin' by the tradin' post earlier today she looked me up and down and just kept walkin'. No answer to my question if she'd be likin' some Glenlivet and we could discuss this libido and id concept some more...And another crisis in me life. Dweebie. After we bailed the poor lad out the other day, he showed up at me cottage with another array of chipmunk pelts and...Lord help me...told me he's got tender feelin's for me.Now ladies, I'm right honored one of yer Mohicanland lads should find a place in his heart for a newcomer, but I hate to say I don't think of him more than a friend, ye know? The man I need must be able to hold his liquor, ye see, and he has to...well, fill out a loincloth...and he can't be wearin' spectacles as thick as the bottom of an oil lamp. What do ye propose I do????

Why, nonsense, my dear! Doc M has a heart as big as all
outdoors, and hasn't a jealous bone in her body. Nope!
Nope! Nope! As a matter of fact, she has brewed up a
special bedtime posset for you, since a little birdie
has told her you've been having strange, shooting pains
in your head lately, and are having trouble sleeping.
It's from her dear little Granny's own receipt book,
so it's bound to do you some good. Now normally I would
have Nathaniel deliver it right to your door, but his
wrists seem to be bothering him today...probably the
handcu...I mean, probably the damp weather. So it will
be my distinct pleasure to bring it over to Bumppo's
for you, and you can drink it down while it's nice
and hot! It will be good for soothing that perky little
libido of yours!

And don't you worry your pretty red head about Dweebie --
all your problems will be sorted out in due time. Trust
kindly old Doc M!


Doc M

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