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Posted by Bill R on August 06, 2000 at 08:08:39:

In Reply to: Sick of people taking things personally posted by Adele on August 06, 2000 at 05:23:45:

: : I have always maintained that the holocaust in germany and Americas treatment of the indians were very similar. Rounding up all persons of undesireable racial background and sending them to reservations instead of concentration camps, "pacification" campaigns instead of clearing out the ghettos, invasion of territorial homelands instead of blitzing across internationally recognized boarders.
: : I consider myself native american because I was born on the North American continent and have never been to another. I have just as much right to be here as any so called "native american"
: : But I am sick and tired of being made to feel as though I constantly have to apologize just because I am white. Lay off of the finger pointing and the guilt trips people. If a white man does not fall all over himself in apology the minute the word indian is so much as mentioned, he is automatically labled a racist or racially intolerant. From where the sun now stands, I will apologize no more, forever.

: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: I didn't post this message for the purpose of having anyone apologise for anything. Where in my post did you read that? I posted because I think that this sort of 'role reversal' perspective is very effective in understanding how, as groups, we function. And how we may see certain things as acceptable.......until they are turned on their heads. I saw a foreign language film many years ago......I think it was called 'Take It Like A Man, Ma'am' and it basically took a fairly normal story but gave all the mens roles to women and vice versa. It was fascinating to me how we accept certain things BECAUSE of a persons sex.....but don't even realise that we are doing it.

: Anyway, that was my thinking, but I guess what *I* am getting sick of is people thinking that every serious post on this board is a personal attack on someone, or some group. So why don't we all knock Captain Paranoia off our shoulders and get on with enjoying perfectly healthy discussions without seeing it as a personal affront?!

: Adele (who is NOT taking it personally, but who IS getting miffed!)

I think it is just that in talking seriously about an issue or group of issues, or things that happened in history, etc etc through a long thread, at some point somebody is bound to feel as if a button was pushed. I guess it can't be helped sometimes.
I know 99% of the time it is never intentional - somebody's button getting pushed. Heck, in the 1800's serious debate in Congress often exploded into fistfights, canings, and even duels.
But government did move along and laws were passed, and treaties made, and commerce established. Okay, there WAS that one LITTLE disagreement between 1861-1865. But generally.........

It is tough to talk about a serious issue without rattling somebody's cage though...or stepping on somebody's issue.

Bill R

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