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Posted by Bill R and Billy Gnome on August 06, 2000 at 13:39:18:

In Reply to: Re: Thought for the Day posted by Doc M on August 06, 2000 at 13:18:02:

: : : : : : : With every friend I have had who has been taken into the bosom of earth, a part of me has been buried there; but their contributions to my being of happiness, strength and understanding remain to sustain me in an altered world.

: : : : : : : (Helen Keller, US Author & Lecturer, 1880-1968)

: : : : : :
: : : : : : Until now, I had never seen this quote, but I have ALWAYS believed it, and have relived it many times at the passing of friends, relatives, and mentors. It has become a ritual, so to speak, at the funerals I attend to say a prayer of thanks to the deceased for what they have given me...for being a part of MY life. I hope that when the time comes, I, too, will be remembered in this way.....

: : : : : : Thank you so much for sharing it.

: : : : : : Seamus

: : : : : ~~~~~~~~

: : : : : Aaahh, Seamus - I am very glad that you liked it.

: : : : : HM

: : : : HM-
: : : : I also have to thank you for this quote. In dealing with the terrible loss of my mom and also way too many family friends and acquaintances recently, I have learned to take this type of sentiment to heart. How concise and wonderful it is...the circle of life goes on when we carry on the memories and gifts our loved ones have given to us.
: : : : Christina

: : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : I am sorry to hear that you have been suffering such terrible losses recently. I am glad that you are finding some solace in these words. Some people have a gift when it comes to expressing sentiments with which we identify, and we have to thank God for them. I can't count the number of times when I have received comfort from the ability of another to express what I cannot.

: : : HM

: : Been thinking on this Thought since early this morning when I first Posted...went up to my mountain top and sat on my cabin porch for awhile watching and listening to the rain, watched the fog creep in on little cats' paws, as someone so eloquently put it once upon a time, Robert Frost, I think it was...

: : The solitude and downright beauty of the forest in a foggy drizzle is one of my favorite scenes....must be what Ireland looks very, very green. I put a small fire in the fireplace to take the dampness away, and sat there by the open door watching and watching...for nothing in particular, but The Thought kept coming back to me time and time a Spirit, haunting and clawing at me. I kept recalling my reply, and over and over again, I asked, "Why is this happening?" It finally dawned on me that it really serves no purpose to the deceased to thank them for being part of my life after they were gone. Why not tell them while they are still able to hear it? I know it is difficult to say that sometimes, and some folks really have a hard time doing it, but I am determined to seek out those among the living and tell much they have meant to me, and in many cases, how much love I have for them. When I was a kid, my preacher ended every sermon with, "Find someone today and tell them you love them." Funny, THAT memory surfaced today, too...I guess it just needed jarring loose.

: : Didn't mean to get windy here, but I wanted you all to hear that.

: : Seamus

: Not windy at all, Seamus. I've always been grateful that
: I got to tell my mother just that right before she died.
: She always called me without fail on Friday nights, and
: the last time she called I almost didn't answer the phone --
: I was in a bad mood, busy, etc. Something told me to
: answer it anyway, and the call ended like it always
: did -- "Love you!" "Love you too, Ma." Two days later
: she had a stroke and never regained consciousness. So
: ever since then, I've tried to follow that advice. I
: mean, flowers at the funeral are swell, but wouldn't
: it be better to send them while the people you love
: are still alive? And if you're too embarrassed or shy
: to tell people you love them, WRITE them for heaven's
: sake. Life (and gnomes) are too damned short not to!

: Doc M

Couldn't agree with all you folks more. Actually I agree with both general statements coming out of this thought for the day -
I am thankful for knowing those who've gone and for what they have given me in the way of memories, knowlege, love, and example. And I am thankful for those yet living who care enough to give me those same things.

I get so frustrated anymore when angry words or unhappiness might be the last things said or felt between myself and another.
And whenever possible the last words said are "Love you ......(insert name).


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