Re: Don't Make Me Stop The Wagon!! Gnomieeeeeee!

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Posted by Red-Haired Lass on August 07, 2000 at 21:12:07:

In Reply to: Re: Don't Make Me Stop The Wagon!! Gnomieeeeeee! posted by Doc M on August 07, 2000 at 14:43:23:

: : : : : : : Don't you get too frisky with our Doc M!
: : : : : : : She is our isle of sanity and grace, on this board!

: : : : : :
: : : : : : Huh??? Does this say what I think it does?? More importantly, does it MEAN what I think it does???????

: : : : : : I worry about you, Vita!!! :)

: : : : : : Lordy, are WE in trouble!

: : : : : Keep it up, O Lanky One! TGAT Lainey don't allow no
: : : : : Doc dissin'!! That case of butt warts clear up any??

: : : : : Doc M

: : : : The red-haired lass offers her kudos to Doc Mary for helpin' to maintain the sanity here in Mohicanland. If we're to be havin' these intellectual discussions hereabouts, we must be keepin' courteous to each other. And if any of ye continue to bicker or to torment Doc Mary, the Red-Haired Lass might be forced to take out the fine red leather ridin' crop her Uncle Angus sent her for her last birthday and start flailin' away at some recalcitrant Mohicanland posteriors!
: : : : pax aye!
: : : : Red

: : :
: : : Now there you go again, cutting in on Doc M's action! Certain
: : : residents here pay her in good silver to flail away at
: : : their posteriors, thank you very much! And it's extra if
: : : I have to stand on their eyes with high heeled shoes!!
: : : Stick to drawin' suds and playing footsie with Dweebie
: : : and you and I will get along fine. *snort! snort!*

: : : Doc M

: : And it's sorry I am, Doc M. I didn't realize that posterior-flailin' was also your specialty. It's just that's it's a wee custom where I come from and all the comely lasses in my county were taught it, along with our wench techniques. But I humbly demur from any flailin', and hereby only promise to water down the cider of any of ye who be messin' with Doc M.
: : (Now as for the footsy, me dear, I think we need to clear somethin' up. I'll be acceptin' chipmunk pelts from the lad, but as for footsy, I do believe he needs to find another lass for that...maybe Eclair...)
: : yours flailingly, Red

: Uh oh! Didn't anyone tell you about the old ordinance,
: passed back in the 1600's when we were known as
: Olde Mohegan Towne?

: If ye lasse accepte
: Ye chippemunke skinne
: She be pledged to wedde
: Notte live in sinne!

: you want a toaster or a fondue pot? And don't forget
: to register at the Mohicanland Trading Post for all your
: nuptial needs!

: Doc M

Oh my dear Lord, Doc M., ye scared the Red-Haired Lass within an inch of her petite Celtic life. But I went runnin' to Sheriff Twigg (me bein' a decent sort, ye know, and not one to flaunt the laws) and he was good enough to show me an addendum...added sometime in the 1740s...(maybe in preparation for the arrival of the Hurons and the foot-rubbin' Nathaniel???)

ye chipmunke skinnes be fine for gifts
and sure to mende a lover's rift
but also the man that comes giftes bearin'
must be fitte for loincloth wearin'....

And Dweebie, I'm sorry to say, doesn't fit the loincloth code. Me bein' in spirit of the law, I tried one on him,and might I say, was very disappointin'. So much as I'd like a fine fondue pot (ye have na lived wha ha nae tasted Haggis fondue), it seems I'm still a single lass...)

yours in extreme relief,

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