Request of Navel Manuevers for Eclair

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Posted by The Turkish Trader on August 09, 2000 at 16:38:46:

In Reply to: Re: Makin' a Man o'Dweebie and Intellectual stuff... posted by Yengeese Strumpet on August 09, 2000 at 16:01:38:

: : : : Well, what a fine night it's been. All seems to be right again in this wench's corner of Mohicanland. No drummin' outside my window all night, and tonight's intellectual discussion went splendidly. Cider and Glenlivet flowed, and my did the "Art of War" talk flow...all quite fascinatin', although I admit some of those poor soldiers went pale when the new Huron fellas began discussin' their use of "Creative Barbecuing as Negotiating Tool..." but what an interestin' concept! A couple young fellas got a bit rambunctious an' started yellin' and bein' rude, but it's amazing how a quick war-club workout will get'em back into the spirit of civilized discussion...
: : : : Now, Yengeese Strumpet and Eclair, I owe ye me life and me sanity. What did ye do to fair Dweebie? I saw him come walkin' across the town square today and he simply smiled at me and said how-do-ye-do and kept on walkin' away, whistlin.' What a smile on the chipmunk-plunker's face! And that stride...almost, shall we say...manly???? Whatever it was ye did by way of treatment, I'm here to offer ye a year's supply of Smooth Laddie Wax at your disposal. Ye've given a poor tavern wench back her beauty sleep...
: : : : yours in restfulness, Red

: : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : Glad to be of service, Red......actually it is Mamselle Eclair who is due most of the thanks. After you slipped away, Eclair enticed young Dweebie to her boudoir, with promises of some of that fancy chocolate from the French Trader on his last trip thru town. Anyway, I settled down to cleaning up the remains of our tea, and all of a sudden, I start hearing these noises.......well, you know, we are used to plenty of noise at the House of Hoo-Haa, but this was kinda different, you know?! Soooooooo, I thought I had better investigate, so I snuck up to Mamselle Eclairs boudoir and lurked around. As I was kneeling down my bootlace, I heard all this gasping, panting! I looked up and ........ well, talk about 'What the Strumpet Saw...' My dear cousin and young Dweebie were only playing Twister!! And having a whale of a time too by the looks of things! As for that manly walk of his the next day.......that would probably be due to the slightly strained hamstring acquired on a long stretch to Left Foot Blue.

: : : So there you have it, delighted to hear that you have caught up on your beauty sleep, dear Red.....and look forward to the next discussion which I will hopefully be able to attend unless required to babysit Dweebie again.

: : : Yours,
: : : Lucie Lastik, Yengeese Strumpet

: : Ooo, ma chere cousine, ze young Dweebie is up, non? But we had ze fun! We never did eat ze chocolate. Who needs ze chocolate when there ees Eclair! (I sink zees chocolate it is stale, cousine! Zees French Trader ees pulling ze fast one on ze Hoo-Haa house, oui? Stale chocolate! Mon Dieu! Eclair will always have ze best. Ze best ees not from ze French Trader, cousine. Non, non, zees is not the sing for Eclair. I sink I will try ze Turkish Trader's moosta-...I mean, chocolate.)

: : Eclair

Dear Mmle Eclair,

Indeed my mustache can be made to drip chocholate... a lengthy session of you performing navel maneuvers at Bumppo's, will certainly help to heighten the flavor.

Cordially yours,
The Turkish Trader
(still grieving over Mme La Huggie)

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