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Posted by GnomeDome on August 16, 2000 at 13:10:43:

In Reply to: Re: Thank you Dana! (Loin clothes? Is someone speaking of loin clothes?) posted by Doc M on August 16, 2000 at 10:03:13:

: : : : : All I can say is WOW what a man! What are the type of pants he's wearing? It doesn't look like he was wearing anything under them :)

: : : : : Thanks again

: : : : Hi Tonya,

: : : : LOL...I believe he's wearing leggings with a breechclout and a loin cloth over top. With Uncas, however, our imaginations tend to run wild.

: : : : ...Jeri

: : : ~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>~>

: : : Really, Tonya, let's be mature about this.;) Uncas is dressed in a perfectly acceptable and decent fashion. Very appropriate for the year 1757. It would only be RUDE to stare. It's JUST a breechclout. Calm down.;) You don't see Cora going ape over it, do you? You're new, right? Well, we don't get all worked up over loincloths here in MohicanLand.:))) It goes against our well-bred natures.

: : : Speaking of class...Chigachgook wins first place in my book. Remember, Ching probably taught Uncas and Hawkeye everything they knew. Ching is THE man.

: : : Just adding a little balance...:)

: : : Dana S.

: : Here I was, canning tomatos, minding my own business, when this tickling sensation in the back of my mind just told me that someone, somewhere, was discussing our favorite subject. What a surprise it should be this site! After Rich's recent "capture," the subject has once again come to the forefront.

: : Speaking of loin clothes, since I'm looking at sewing up the proverbial required attire for BT, I told him he needed to go to a tanning bed, as he has the whitest butt cheeks this side of DDL. I think that's where ES has it over DDL, it's the color of those lovely hips.

: : Have a good one! Back to the stove. NS

: That is because my Hawkie is a firm believer in regular
: applications of Doc M's ButtBlock, made out of a special
: blend of clarified GnomeButter, rare herbs from the
: Mohicanland Apothecary, and the scrapings from the
: Squeezin's barrel at Bumppo's...guaranteed to promote
: firm, globular, non-melanomic results! As the Huron
: Chorus sings --

: "Yer butt will never tan or droop
: If ye paste on Doctor Mary's goop!"

: Doc M

Again with the gnomebutter.

Folks you have to remember:

"on the sayings of Doc Mary
The facts prove quite contrary
this gnome butter does not exist
though the slattern doth insist

were you to take this slut's advice
and on your butt smear goop
you'd probably come up with lice
instead of butts without droop.

Now I've had it with this fable
she tells of her gnome butter
let's throw the meat on the table
and disprove this little slutter

There is nothing called G-butter
we run much, much too quickly
for such a lying slutter
who's thighs are made so thickly


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