Re: Bar games, anyone??? - naval maneuvers and Omar Khayyam

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Posted by Eclair on August 16, 2000 at 14:44:11:

In Reply to: Re: Bar games, anyone??? - naval maneuvers and Omar Khayyam posted by The Turkish Trader on August 16, 2000 at 13:03:35:

: : : : :
: : : : : Well, it bein' a quiet Tuesday (relatively, with the exception of the gleeful whoopin' I hear comin' from the house of Hooo-Haaaa), Mrs. O'Reilly and I have a question. We've been hearin' rumblins' that some of the usual bar games are gettin' a wee bit borin', especially durin' Huron Happy Hour. Okay, ye say, keep the Wet Loincloth Contest, but ye're sick of Bawdy Scottish Karaoke and plum tired o'Strip Checkers. Okay, so what do ye want? We're taken suggestions...any and all accepted! (And don't worry, Doc M, we ain't gettin' rid of the pool tables...)

: : : : : Waitin' patiently,
: : : : : Red

: : : : Bon jour, bon nuit, mmle Red,

: : : : May I suggest belly-dancing?

: : : : Yr Admirer, The TT

: : :
: : : Well, TT, if ye think belly dancin’ would be fun, ye’re hereby invited to come on by any night ye choose and see if ye can’t get some of these folk to gyratin’. As for the rest of ye, ye’d best start suggestin’ some things or else yer all gonna be stuck playin’ strip checkers till yer wee arms fall off! Mrs. O’Reilly and I are too busy slingin’ yer cider and keepin’ gnomes out of our coffee water to also plan all the entertainment! I’m a waitin’!!!!

: : : By the way, this bein’ Wednesday it’s Intellectual Discussion night. Drink special of the night is Jameson’s Irish whis-key...Dweebie and that sad English soldier have paired up to do a session on William B. Yeats’ love poetry. This should be interestin’...

: : : yours,
: : : Red

: : Cousine Luuuuuuucie....Have you seen my satin choli? Ze one wees ze tassles on ze...ends? Belly dancing tonight at Bumppo's! Zees ees ze night for ze Turkish Trader, oui?

: : Eclair

: Moi tres jolie Mmle Rouge and MMle Eclair
: Ah but I can hardly wait for tonight's assignation ...uh, gathering... at Bumppo's!
: I shall bring a golde rimmed crystal decanted of Lion's Milk (aka raki) and my leather-bound five hundred years old edition of Omar Khayyam's poetry!

: 'til then, keep gyrating!

: Yr Humble and Obedient Admirer
: Ali, The Turkish Trader

Ah, ze Turkish Trader, he can make Eclair always ze blush! Never weel Eclair forget ze chocolate moostache. I am so wondering about zees assinging. Lucie is right. My Englishhhh is not so good.

Oh, pooh, it is time for ze lesson of ze Englishhhh. Oui, oui, French Trader, I am ready for ze lesson. Le fleuve, Clabair? Qu'est-ce que c'est? In ze Englishhhhhh...le fleuve?


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