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Posted by Jo on August 20, 2000 at 21:31:52:

In Reply to: Ramblings ... posted by Rich/Mohican Press on August 20, 2000 at 08:32:17:

: Good Morning!

: Yesterday's "Thought For The Day," courtesy of the Huggy Merchant, was most timely for me. It read:

: "Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Others stay awhile, make footprints on our
: hearts and we are never, ever the same."

: Thoughts along those lines had been brewing within my mind over the last week or so ... And, that caused me to mull over, once again, what it is we do here. Yes, yes ... I know ... there are some of you who have heard variations on this theme from me before. It's something we constantly grapple with here.

: Without a doubt, "Some people come into our lives ..." through this Web Site. That has been, in most cases, one of the most rewarding parts of running this Site ... most disturbing in a few instances.

: "... and quickly go." Many, yes. Many just pass on through, enjoy whatever portion of the Site they choose to, maybe drop a line or a single post on the Board, and that's that. Gone. Or at least as far as we know, they're gone.

: "Others stay awhile, make footprints on our hearts and we are never, ever the same." So true. If we were to stop doing this tomorrow, we'd never forget some of you ... never shake the experience that has been "MohicanLand." The Board, but even more, the 3 Gatherings, have cemented that. Ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years down the road, if I'm still here, I will look back fondly on the days spent in the Wilderness with all of you, where Bumppo's provided needed shelter from the storm, and where Hurons & loinclothes & Longue Carabines & Dweebies were all a part of the everyday experience. Yep, those footprints have been embedded on MY heart, for sure, and some of you have been trampling it for 3 and a half years now! Not all has been fun, as you well know ... and there are still things that irk me ... but I guess weighing the pros & cons of running this Site is a subject for another day ...

: People, is the subject for today ... people coming & going ...The only people ROOTED here are Elaine & I. We can't go ... not if the Site is to remain. Everyone else, is free to leave & not look back. Many have, for one reason or another. A handful, if that many, took the time to say "Goodbye," before doing so. That is always appreciated. Most just disappear. It's to be expected, I guess. Hey, for all the role-playing & kidding, this is STILL real-life. REAL people REALLY interacting. It goes on in life; it'll go on here. People come ... people go ...

: It takes a sense of community to be a community.

: So, I ask myself, "Why do this?" The Weekly Update, I mean. Things have changed. When we were building this place, things were moving at what often seemed like sonic speeds. Every week, it got bigger and better & more inclusive. Every time we turned around there was a new project ... whether it be a Director's Cut Drive, a Gathering, an Interview, a whole new section of the Site to create. There was a real NEED for an update then! Suddenly, we looked around, and guess what? The place was done! Well not really DONE, but finished ... like a new house. It was completed - there will always be things to tinker with - and down the road, maybe a new addition or rennovations or repairs will be in order, but it's finished. Thus it is with this Site. It'll never be completely "done," as long as it's up, but the pace of change is drastically slower than it had been. Maybe it doesn't seem that way to some of you, what with the DVD Captures going up, the Book Shoppe expanding, etc. etc., but it has ... Time was when we'd have 2, or 3, or more major changes each week. There are things to be done still, but all in all, the shell is complete, and often there's just not that much to say in the way of an update ... and hey, who wants to listen to me philosophize??? The Weekly Update, besides serving its obvious function, also served the purpose of allowing me to connect with all of you each week. I enjoyed it.

: But people come, and people go ...

: So we come back to Huggy's Thought For Yesterday ... and ...

: I guess I'll finish this another time. My train of thought is not as focused as I'd like it to be and there is much to discuss including the Pros & Cons I mentioned, and the Director's Cut Drives, their results, and the effect that has had on our perspectives ...

: To be continued ... at some point!

: A SHAMELESS PLUG: Buying stuff from our Web Site keeps it going. Period. We don't expect everyone to buy stuff, but keep this in mind. If you plan to buy a book ... a CD ... a video or DVD ... online, doing so through our Book Shoppe is a great boost. Even if what you want is not there, using any of our title links to access, including the search engine found on all three book aisles, that results in another purchase, helps the cause. As long as you access through our Site, we receive credit for ANYTHING you might choose to purchase there, and believe me, that helps! We have just stocked the third, and newest aisle, with some great selections, so please visit at your leisure.

: SITE NEWS: Visitation is constant & busy. Book sales (On The Trail ...) have been better than ever. Thanks to the very many who have purchased the Guide Booklet recently (AND in the past!!!)! The DVD images have proven immensely popular. One thing we want to do is put little soundbites up on the Site from our interviews, as well as brief video clips from Gatherings, etc.. This would involve more space, possibly necessitating a move to larger quarters. Actually, our "To Do" list remains quite long, and as long as there's things to do, well ...

: 2001 GATHERING: Still a big ??? in our minds. What we have done is to create a brief little form that asks some key questions and allows for comments that will help us resolve the issue. We want to hear from you. We like to hear your opinions directly, rather than through a third party ... on this or ANY issue relating to the Web Site. It's the only way we can truly get a grasp on the public opinion. You can find this in The Gathering section of the Web Site.

: So ... I can hear all the marbles rattling around in your shaking heads as you mutter, "WHAT is he talking about???" If I only knew ... :) Sorry for leaving you hanging; I actually said more than I had intended ... but I will finish my thoughts on this at some point ... in some venue.

: Meanwhile, I hope that our River Walk pleas have had some effect on you, ala Jayne, and you can support the cause in some manner.

: Happy Trails!



Happy Trails?? How about Happy third cup of coffee???
After years of Sunday updates, and some live, and in person!!! no less, I sure have always enjoyed the updates; even if it is incoherent ramblings (so what else is new)! I thank you for them.
Actually, I can understand a lot of this update; but can't put it in words, either.
Oh, well. Maybe the fifth cup of java.
(I'll make a plug too...aisle three has the Patriot for advance sale, DVD, good price.)
Going through the archives; it's amazing to see how many "names" have come and gone....and come and gone...and to meet some of these people at the Gatherings; just too special for words!

Thanks for all of the work, Rich and Elaine!


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