Re: [TW]Electric bladder hoisting hoo haa equipment. wallet lifting, peach brandy transportation, musket-loading, wench-winch, no-waiting!

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Posted by Red-Haired Lass on August 21, 2000 at 18:26:38:

In Reply to: Re: [TW]Electric bladder hoisting hoo haa equipment. wallet lifting, peach brandy transportation, musket-loading, wench-winch, no-waiting! posted by Dr. Nathang L. Po on August 21, 2000 at 15:27:48:

: : : : : We produce a wide range of electric hoisting equipment.
: : : : : Providing the high efficiency hoisting performance.

: : : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: : : : Has the 'House of Hoo Haa' no shame?!! It is, even as we speak, encouraging their 'suppliers' to openly advertise their wares!! So 'tasteless'! So 'tacky'!! *Hmmmph!* What WILL Miss Marcia think when she gets a load of this?! If she has any sense, she will have her Sheriff (Bent) Twigg looking into this!!!

: : : : 'performance' indeed! *snort, snort*
: : : : Miss Katie.

: : : ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
: : : I STRONGLY object Miss Katie! I can assure you that these are NOT suppliers to the House of Hoo-Haa, we deal with highly reputable merchants for'leisure equipment'. I do have it on good authority that these are actually Doc Mary's suppliers, she has had such difficult hauling herself out of her chair recently, that hoisting equipment is most definitely required. Now all she needs is a supplier in bladder control equipment........and she will be laughing (or should I say cackling).

: : : Yours

: : : Lucie Lastick, Yengeese Strumpet

: : Cher Lucie,

: : I would have replied earlier, but I find myself so astonished
: : that you are not in your usual prone position with one of
: : those little coin changer thingies on a belt around your
: : waist that I had to sit and fan myself for a bit. As a
: : matter of fact, Doc M has not done any trading with these
: : oriental gentlemen. ALL of her needs are met by her
: : cutie-pie French Trader who is even as we speak hacking
: : his way through the untrammeled wilderness, searching
: : for some of the more exotic items needed by Doc M for
: : her fall line of products. NO bladder control products
: : are necessary, except for those rare times when Doc M
: : cackles herself silly over the effrontery of certain
: : strumpetous personalities who poke at kindly old Doc M
: : at their peril. *snort! snort!*

: : Doc M

: I have it from a semi-reputable source (my marbles for brains cousin - Gadget Girl) that there are various personages in this community in need of various contrivances for carrying out their daily compulsory contributions to said society. Please feel free to contact me regarding any invention, contraption, gizmo, thingy-ma-bob, jigger-ma-who-sit, or other means of raisn'up stuff that you may be needing. For it is indeed my specialty to formulate or hatch-up any device which boosts, elevates, heaves, rears-up, or upholds persons, body parts, know!

: Dr. Nathang L. Po

Okay, who's the smart aleck what ordered the "wench-winch???" Know it now and know it plain, this wench needs NOTHIN' on her body uplifted or elevated or heaved or otherwise, with the exception of the elegant liftin' and separatin' of corsets over frilly blouses. And Dweebie,if I so much as CATCH ye orderin' one of these, sure and you'll be findin' the Huron Delivery Boy knockin on yer door.

Wench-winch indeed!
PS: However, could this supplier be the man responsible for the strange tiny pulley-rope-and-lever contraptions we're now findin' near our cistern? Could it be the gnomes are doin' more than just HOT TUBBIN' near my coffee water?

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