Re: hoo haa equipment. wallet lifting, peach brandy musket-loading, wench-winch, no-waiting! Frenchie Traders

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Posted by French Trader on August 22, 2000 at 22:28:15:

In Reply to: Re: hoo haa equipment. wallet lifting, peach brandy musket-loading, wench-winch, no-waiting! Frenchie Traders posted by Yengeese Strumpet on August 22, 2000 at 17:53:26:

: : : : :
: : : : : : Doc Ma`am,
: : : : : : Oui! I am spending most of my time lately, in search of the more exotic herbs for you, but I must give you this one report. My "live" gnome catching is not going to well. I did try your idea of placing pop bottle tops full of brandy, in a line thru the forest, leading to my trap. But after hours of nothing, I went back to find your Huron boys, sitting very happily in a pile of empty pop tops. What am I to do? Oh yes, I have used most of my supply of gnome butter on my poison ivy rash!

: : : : : : Scratching as he walks,
: : : : : : French Trader

: : : : : Gnome butter? Gnome butter you say? I hope that poison ivy rash of yours spreads all over your french roll, froggie.

: : : : : And leave it to the witless French to bring brandy for gnome catching. Have I not said it time and again - Tay-Kee-LA! I saw your pathetic french brandy in those caps...saw Doc's brainless Huron too. If they got THAT skunked with your watery brandy then they GOTTA be cheap dates. Course, cheap and Doc M kinda go hand in hand as phrases ya know?

: : : : : GnomeDome
: : : : _________________________________________________________

: : : : You little wormy gnome. I would have darn well used tequila in the pop tops but you would have to drink something I can`t spell. And I`m glad I didn`t because lord knows what IT would have done to those Huron.

: : : : French Trader.

: : :
: : : yeah, I have to agree with you there frenchie. Those Huron are real "light weights" when it comes to drinkin'. Course, if you think about it, they really don't have very many brain cells for the alcohol to work on..........
: : : By the's your french roll? Itching a bit? hehe

: : : GnomeDome
: : _____________________________________________________

: : Yeah Gnomie,
: : I do pretty good with that Mexican cactus water too. I bet we could put the whole bunch of Doc`s Huron Boy-toys under the table. (waitaminute! I ain`t posta be making friends with no gnome!) Aaah forgetit!!

: : My roll and my tuck and some un-mentionables are itchin! And that gnome butter sure makes it hard to keep a breechclout in place.

: : French Trader

: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

: Aaahh so the FT is back in just mosey along to the House of Hoo-Haa Frenchie, and I will take your mind off that itching (nudge nudge wink wink say no more!)

: YS

Mon cher Y Strumpet,
Tis true I am back in town but only long enough to become properly medicated. (by drink or lotion) And just where might this House of Hoo-Haa be located? I may just stick my head in as I pass for this ivy rash will not allow me to sit still for very long. I can asure you and the wee gnome that being French has nothing to do with having a slippery breechclout. Age maybe, but not nationality.

French Trader

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