We Move Forward to Loyalhanna.....

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Posted by Corporal Malcolm A. MacWilliam, 77th Grenadiers on August 23, 2000 at 06:40:25:

August 23, 1758
Reastown, Pennsylvania Colony

Journal Entry......

I write in haste and at the command of 1st Sgt. Campbell. The 1st Sgt believes that we must be immortalized in some way for the work we do in this expedition so be begs (orders?) me to keep this Journal, although it is difficult to find the time between duties.

We move out in a few hours along the road cut through the wilderness to the Loyalhanna, a run of water to the west where we are to complete a stockade in defense of that area. We expect the journey to take nigh unto 10 days to complete. Five companies of our Highland battalion along with companies of the 60th Royal Americans are forming under the command of our Major Grant and the provincial commander Col. Burd. Col. Bouquet has high regards for this Burd and Major Grant seems to have no qualms serving under Col. Burd's command.

Davey Gunn, JohnsTon, and myself accompanied the 1st Sgt. and Capt. Croy to Col. Bouquet's quarters two nights ago. The Col. was composing a message to General Forbes and wished to have the input of his Highland troops. Many of us have a smattering of the French tongue (take that for what it means!) and since the Colonel writes all messages in French, he reviewed his letter to the General (who lies ill at Shippensburg) with us. Col. Bouquet also wanted his Highland Grenadiers to understand his plans for the fort at Loyalhanna. I put a part of his plans to memory, so I quote from his letter of August 21 to General Forbes: "The 1500 men will begin by making entrenchments for their camp, as protection against a surprise attack. Then they will go to work building storehouses for our provisions, and will shield them by a fort built of stockades or logs; and this fort may, if necessary, be reinforced by another exterior line, and the interval of 15 to 18 feet filled with earth from the ditch. For the present they will make only the interior enclosure. They will keep advanced posts all around them, which will be relieved every day, and which will lay in ambush along the approaches, changing their location often." After our opinions were given to Col. Bouquet of this endeavor, he asked us to toast the continuation of the expedition and a fine wine was passed around. The Colonel enjoyed our hearty cries of "Slante' mhath!" and our continued toasts with some of our own, the Scottish "water of life", which went on for more than an hour. Never say that the Swiss cannot hold their drink for Col. Bouquet certainly enjoyed our company and the libations.

Davey Gunn and I wonder about the journey of cousin Seamus and Timothy. We hope to hear from then soon and in our estimations should soon be arrving in the central area of this colony, possibly near to Fort Augusta. We have heard rumours that troops are to be brought up to our position from Fort Augusta and we pray that our cousin will be with them.

Our thoughts are also on our cousins Many Flags and Three Tales. Their disappearance more than two fortnights ago has caused us consternation although a Catawba scout has told us that the word in the east is that two longhunters are headed this way, one with breeches one in breech clout, one with hair and hatless one bald with tricorn, one bearded and one clean shaven, one in boots one in moccassins, one with Lenape tattoos one with much hair on back, both with longrifles, both telling stories of an Uncle Angus and Uncle Quasi, laughing through toothy grins, yet fierce and determined in their movements. Praise be! Pax Aye! These lads can only be cousins Tales and Flags! We may all, all of us MacWms, be once again together to be immortalized at this place named Loyalhanna!

And now to close. We march soon and drummer Armstrong beats the calf hide. God Save the King!

M.A. MacWm., Montgomery's Highlanders, Grenadier Company

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