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Posted by Diana S. on August 24, 2000 at 12:26:36:

In Reply to: Re: Are Goodness and Truth the same? No, truth is not always good posted by Doc M on August 24, 2000 at 11:28:02:

: : : : hMMM.
: : : : :-(

: : : Hey, Red! A tay-keel-a with a Rogaine chaser for my
: : : bud Vita!! Use the tequila bottle WITHOUT the little
: : : gnome floating in it!

: : : Doc M

: : Tay-KEE-la and Rogaine comin' up....and no gnomes in this bottle. Now what you DON't want is leprechauns backstrokin' in your liquor. Talk about an aftertaste...

: : an' it seems to me, the logic of this Buddhist thought is that all things that are good probably also originate from the divine,from higher consciousness and creation so they are also,
: : in essence true. But there also be things in the world that are true i.e. they exist, but they are not good, or evil, so always knowin' the truth is not necessarily knowin' the divine. So rather ye should seek goodness, cause in searchin' out goodness ye'll also the truth that comes from above.

: : Excuse me, i know wenches shouldn't be spoutin', but I found that "Highlander's Guide to Eastern Thought" in me trunk and thought I'd give it a go...

: : Red

: Bang the gong and give the lady with the red hair a see-gar!!
: That's it!! Try to seek goodness within yourself and around
: you and you will be working your way towards enlightenment,
: the divine, whatever name you want to attach to it. It's
: the opposite of having "the truth" or "the rules" handed
: down to you...instead you're working your way up to it.
: I trust I've made myself totally obscure. *whew!* I'm
: beginning to feel like Cliff on Cheers here. Lainey and
: Vita have passed out with boredom and tequila underneath
: the pool table, and I hate to drink pour yourself
: a noggin of squeezin's, girl, and we'll discuss the Divine
: Mysteries of the Loincloth!

: Doc M

Hey girls,

Let me get a whack in on that horse. Is he dead yet?

I haven't read tons on eastern thought, but I seem to find some truths, *for me* (OK,OK or my perceptions there of...) in many religious beliefs. Kind of a "Nobody's got it all right, but we're all trying?" But one concept I find applies to most, and that's the Golden Rule (no Doc, NOT the "do unto others BEFORE they do unto you" one), the "treat others like you want to be treated" one. My daughter would be rolling her eyes about now! To keep from embarrassing her in public, which I wouldn't want done to me ; -), when she's not acting courteously, we have a code phrase..., I simply say "GR, honey", and she straightens right up (or stomps and growls and parades off as far away from me as she can get). These little code words or phrases really work pretty well, like "meep-zor" means "stand up straight, and suck it that gut". See, no embarassment! Oops, back to the can be applied to everything we do, even each of the Ten Commandments (Don't kill anybody, 'cause you don't want to be killed...Don't worship other gods, 'cause if you'd created the earth, you wouldn't want your creations worshipping something/body else),AND if you can get through a day doing that then you can sleep at peace each night (unless you start thinking about the folks that might be practicing the *evil-twin* GR).

Let me see now...where was I trying to go with this!

OK, while on our journey for truth, if we are "good" to one another, we've done all we can do in this life toward achieving unity. And I don't think we will ever (in this life) know the truth, because then why would we exist??? The search for truth, the search for unity, the search for total goodness, might be why we're here.

OK Red, I'm ready for another!!!

Diana S

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