Arrival at Ft. Augusta

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Posted by Seamus on August 24, 2000 at 12:48:54:

Fort Augusta
August ye 24, 1758

Cpl. Malcolm MacWilliam
Pvt. Davey Gunn
77th Highlanders, Montgomery’s

Cousins Malcolm and Davey Gunn,

I am sending this dispatch to you by way of the Cherokee, Blue Heron, who will be leaving this place this evening.

Quasi, Timothy and I finally arrived here early this morning after traveling all night from Wyoming and the upper Susquehanna. We left Albany and came westward to Otsego, then followed our old route home from there...down the river, cut across country and pick up the river again at the Great Bend, and canoed to Wyoming. We were going to stay there the night, but, having been away from this place, Nancy and Gloria for so long, we decided to continue on. The river is up, so the going was quite good. We arrived here before daylight, and were admitted by the guards even though we did not have the password. If the Captain finds out, he will not be happy with the Serjt. of the Guard! When queried, I replied, “Seamus! Home from Lake George!” and we were admitted immediately.

What a reception we had! After spending more than a few moments reliving our adventure with the on-duty garrison, we left via the water gate and went to the village and sought out our huts. Without having to provide details, suffice it to say the reunion with the women was...........well worth the effort! Timothy was eager to learn about young Gloria’s condition, and is anxiously awaiting the birth of their child, due any day now. Nancy, the dark-haired lass, was very happy to see me as I was her. We are going on a picnic today, and there are some very serious things I have to discuss, and I sense that she has some on her agenda, too. Quasi was last seen heading for a certain hut, one which houses 3 or 4 tavern maids, and from the squeals and giggles eminating from within, I believe he found what he was looking for...he has not been seen since.

This place is alive with excitement, Cousins! Since Col. Burd left here in June to be with Gen. Forbes and Col. Bouquet, Capt. Trump has been Acting Commandant. He is the highest ranking of those who will be left. Word is that he is doing alright, but seems at times to be in a bit over his head. Since the re-organization of the Pennsylvania Regiment, and the subsequent change of color of the Regimentals to solid green, with all Battalions now being uniformed the same, the result of Gen. Forbes directive, over 200 troops have been pulled out of here and sent to Reastown to prepare for the Expedition against Du Quesne. I am sure you will encounter them sooner or later. There are only 40 left here in garrison, however, it will not be a problem. This Fort is entirely too strongly situated to be in any danger of attack. It does, however, work these men to the bone, what with all the supplies going through here. They are doing quite well, in spite of it all.

The number of cannon, waggons, horses, cattle, and tons of other supplies that have been coming upriver and on westward is astounding! The casks of musket balls alone is a sight to behold! The soldiers tell me an army of nearly 8000 is expected for this campaign.

Oh, Cousins! I cannot miss THIS one! Nancy will not be happy, but I must be there! I know...I promised that I was done after Ticonderoga, but this campaign cannot help but succeed! Why, with the leadership and sheer numbers...the French cannot withstand way. They will have to withdraw or surrender. With an army like this one, we could surround them and starve them out! They cannot reinforce their Du Quesne. I HAVE to be there! After the debacle and embarrassment at Ticonderoga, I am ready for revenge....and once the Frogs are driven out, there will be no further need for such Campaigns....

I will leave in a day or so, and probably will not allow Timothy along on this one. He belongs here with young Gloria when she births their child. I will insist.....

Nancy, Gloria, and Timothy are ready to go out toward the spring against the hills, about half a mile away, for our picnic...what a lovely spot!...and I am being called to join them. From the looks of the bulging baskets and the smell of roasted chicken, this is going to be a fine picnic!

I will join you in three days time at Reastown. If you are moved before then, leave me a posting on the East wall of the stockade.

Pax Aye!!


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