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Posted by Kate on August 24, 2000 at 20:01:32:

In Reply to: Newcomer questions posted by Linda on August 24, 2000 at 14:06:51:

: Jo, Kate, Vita, and Rich:

: Thanks for your replies and for extending such a warm welcome. I have only recently taped and re-viewed LOTM after having seen it once on the big screen when it came out. Unlike others of its genre – which can be melodramatic rather than romantic, sparing with detail rather than authentic – this film is one of the few that has allowed me to suspend disbelief and thoroughly immerse myself in the story. Everyone in it is good, and the contrast of Nathaniel with DDL’s character in "My Left Foot" is astounding. Yes, Kate, I confess to rewinding and slow-forwarding during the loincloth scenes. ;-) Glad to know I have company here. My questions are:

: 1. I would buy the DVD of the director’s cut. I find it priced from about $25 to $29 on the internet. Is there a more affordable source? I read that this director’s cut is flawed but that a second release (is that what R2 means?) may be on its way. True?
: 2. Is the screenplay available?

: 3. The 1992 video: there must have been quite a bit edited out. For instance, I can’t find Colm Meaney. Can you pinpoint his scene for me?

: 4. Also the 1992 video: When our heroes first approach Fort W.H., the camera lingers for a moment or two on a very handsome dark-haired young man – apparently an officer. He is not seen again. Do you know the actor’s name?

: 5. The film in general exudes authenticity. Can we rely on that of the costume and warrior-make-up design? What was their source?

: 6. In the burial ground scene, I think I hear Cora call Hawkeye “Mr. Bow.” Is she slurring Bumppo? Or did the screenwriters change the character’s last name?

: 7. Has anyone seen the 60’s film “Ulysses” in which Maurice Roeves plays a handsome and sensual young man? Interesting contrast.

: I know I’ll have more questions. Thanks again for your camaraderie around this compelling film!
: Linda S.K.


Hi Linda,

I just wanted to say 'welcome back' and to say yes, indeed you ARE in good company re: the loincloth scenes!! :0) Unfortunately, I don't have all the answers to your questions, (I truly wish I DID!) however, I will do the best that *I* can, with the hopes that some of the other posters who are much better informed than I, will jump in here and rattle off the answers that I CAN'T provide!! Come on guys, please give me a hand here!

Firstly, I know that it is possible to get the DVD a little cheaper elsewhere but why not help to support your new-found MOST FAVOURITE WEBSITE and the good folks who run it, by buying your DVD through the Mohican Press Book Shop?! Yes, right from this very site!! Buying from Amazon through this site, helps to keep this wonderful site up and running and the DVD will cost only $26.23, so there you go!! A saving for YOU, a help for Mohicanpress - everyone a winner!! :0) Unfortunately, I can't comment on the '2nd Release' part of your question, not having heard anything about that, though I know there are a few posters here who would LOVE to think it possible that MM will come up with a version more to their liking!! (Fingers crossed, Miss Marcia!!)

2. I'm afraid I don't know anything about a Screenplay of this movie, however, if you wish to see a copy of the actual 'script' of the movie, again, you can find that right here on this site!! You see - it's ALL here!! :0)

3. Yes, a lot of the film ended up on the cutting room floor - and more scenes than we care to think about!! However, Colm Meany can be seen marching up the George Road, on the way to Fort William Henry, just before Magua's merry band of mischief-makers attacks them.

4. Sorry, I'm not really sure who you are referring to at this point - I feel I may have to go and watch THAT VIDEO/DVD again! Drat!! However, anything for a new friend!! But I fear someone else may have to answer this one!

5. Well yes, this film is pretty well known for MM taking as much care to 'get it right' as he can. However, there are certain 're-enactors' who post on this site, who HAVE noticed the odd 'discrepancy' here and there. Well, you are never going to get a film that is completely authentic, but... they DID try very hard to do what they could to achieve an authentic outcome. Again, you can read all about it here on the site by going to, ie: 'Under the Make-Up Tent' etc.

6. Hawkeye's 'Sunday name' in this film is 'Poe' and it is that name that Cora uses in that scene.

7. I have to say 'no' I haven't seen Maurice Roeves in this film but I have seen him in many other things - he is an incredibly versatile actor!! As are the others in this film.

Okay, I think I have done my best!! But I'm afraid you will need the help of others more knowledgable than I!! At least, that may be of SOME help.

I think you would find that having a good search through this site will provide you with lots of bits of information that you never even thought of!! :0) History, film, music, locations and scenery, actors/actresses, Trading Post, Book Shop, Musings, Film Photo's, Gathering Photo's - it's all here!!! Take some time to have a look round - you won't be sorry!! :0)

Hope that's helped some, Linda.

Take care,

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