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Posted by The Huggy Merchant on August 29, 2000 at 16:11:35:

In Reply to: Re: Good Morning, MohicanLand! posted by GnomeDome on August 29, 2000 at 15:14:00:

: : : : : : This will come as a relief to those of you who have been racking your brains for an idea to submit to the MohicanLand Calendar. You have until OCTOBER 15TH to finish your fab works of art. Let that relief flow through the end of your little crayons and onto some paper. There. Now, that wasn't so hard, was it?

: : : : : : The Huggy Merchant (Adele) has received some pictures already (WoooooHooooooo, Miss Katie O.), but we need more...MANY more. I have been promised some pictures from several posters who shall remain nameless...for now.:) I'm counting on y'all to do your OWN work, too. (Clabert, that goes for you, bud.) No excuses like, "I can't draw." Hey, y'all may find this hard to beleive, but I cant spel. Puntuation? Whats that? I don't let these minor setbacks keep me from postin', now, do I? So, get along with ye! Conjure up your best image of Doc M beatin' the begeebers out of BillyGnome and DRAW IT!

: : : : : : Send it to Dana S. or Adele, THE Huggy Merchant of MohicanLand. There's a wee link at the bottom of this post if you would like a tad more information. Yeah, yeah, I KNOW it needs a little updating. I'm working on it.:)

: : : : : : Thank you for your support!

: : : : : : All the humble stuff,
: : : : : : Dana S.

: : : : : Hey there.....I thought you were my FRIEND. What's this about encouraging folks to artfully record the abuse that slattern heaps on myself and other gnomes?

: : : : : Better you have them draw Billygnome ascending up to heaven in golden light, and Doc Mary backlit by the flickering flames of hades with singed broom, and smoking black retro-ugly dress and black pointy shoes.

: : : : : That would be more reasonable. I mean it's obvious ya know? I live with an angel. What does she live with? A neglected cat that trims christmas trees while she wears a pot on her head.

: : : : : Billygnome

: : : : Wanna start ascending now, little man? Doc M would be more
: : : : than happy to kick your gnome butt to Kingdom Come with
: : : : her pointy black shoes...she'll even have one of her
: : : : Hurons hold a flashlight on you to give that heavenly
: : : : glow effect! *snort! snort!*

: : : : Doc M

: : :
: : : Excuse me, old slatternly doctor of god only knows what....but I couldn't quite hear exactly what you said for all the echos that electrified dishpan you wear on your head causes....I thought you said something like flash of light......flash light....something like that. What is a "flash light" please.
: : : Here in 1750 we ain't sure what that is.

: : : Now if you wanna talk about glowing.....oops! Oh My! Did my torch fall and ignite that lowcut, retro-ugly, gothic horror you call a dress? Oh my! Wait, I will throw water on you! What?
: : : No water? Why not? *KASPLASH!!!!!!* Oh my. You are SHRINKING.
: : : Oh my! It's really true, when you shrink they ARE the first things to get smaller, aren't they. Course, they never were all that grand were they? What, A cup in Acorn cup?

: : : GnomeDome

: : Mean! Mean! Mean! You are so MEAN to poor old sweet Doc M,
: : who lives only to heal the afflicted, and afflict the healed!
: : Hasn't she come in heat of day and gloom of night to practice
: : the newest techniques of bloodletting and leeching amongst
: : the Gnomal Community, without thought of payment? OK, so
: : she gets a leetle carried away sometimes, but that's just
: : her fervid and passionate nature! Boy, just SEE what happens
: : the next time you guys get GnomePox!! You'll be sorry!!
: : *pout! pout! pout!*

: : Doc M

: Got to you, eh Doc? he he. Okay, cheer up. Your acorns are fine. (not that I would know!). However, we gnomes don't get any sorta pox, thank you very much. We don't go to the house of hoo ha, nor visit YOUR place, hence no risk of pox! We be mated for life....don't need no steenking House of Hoo Ha, or "medical" ministrations from some backwoods self-proclaimed "doctor" of whatever it is you have a doctorate in...and believe me, I DON'T WANNA KNOW!!! Gotta pick right when you live to be 400 or so ya know, otherwise it can be a VERY long life if you picked a harpy!!! Bettygnome is all I need, and all I can handle!

: Still, your acorns ain't bad and Red's hair is to die for....
: and Huggy Merchant aka Yangeese Strumpet is a doll.

: Better now?

: GnomeDome


Ahhhhhhhhh! Kisssy-Kissssy, right back at you Gnomie!


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